Providing Mission-Critical Services Amid COVID-19 Is India’s Greatest IT Challenge yet | In the News

In Bangalore, seeing 1.5 million workers buzzing about from day to night on any given week is the norm. To see reports of deserted IT sector’s campuses then, is not just surreal, it’s scary. And the world didn’t even have to conjure up visions of a zombie apocalypse to see this scene come to life. Instead, an invisible enemy has struck — the coronavirus pandemic — putting existential pressure on Indian IT’s business model.

Apparently, Accenture is not so lucky for some reason. The research firm, Everest Group, observes that Accenture has stated that only 60% of its work can be done remotely. After all, shifting nearly two-thirds of a 4.36 million workforce to a work from home model is not for the fainthearted.

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