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Social media platforms continue to disrupt traditional media, product advertising, peer-to-peer communication, and even political communication and discourse. But to maintain its promise, social media and other digital content require consistent monitoring and moderation – a function that’s grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in itself. Indeed, content moderation is no longer solely for social media giants. In today’s digital, mobile-first era, all brands must have a monitored online presence in order to compete in the marketplace while ensuring the safety of their customers.

Moreover, the valuable work carried out by our exceptionally dedicated and capable ‘digital-first responders’ complements our efforts to empower customers to stay safe in a digital world through TELUS Wise and our #EndBullying initiative. Additionally, content moderation services will bundle well with the cybersecurity, privacy and managed information technology solutions that we provide to businesses, governments and non-profit companies. From a purely business perspective, the content moderation space already accounts for about US$2 billion, and that number is expected to more than double by 2021 according to Everest Group. In so many ways – this is a dynamic and exciting place to be!

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