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Some think digital transformation is just an IT-related project without impact on the lines of business while others believe it is some form of digital business transformation. For a small business to be successful in transforming the company, it is necessary for management and all departments to understand the goals, metrics, and desired outcomes and to be fully on board. Additionally, everyone needs to know the role they will play throughout the process and after the solution is in production.

More than 70 percent of digital transformation projects fail, according to the Everest Group. There are six reasons why: lack of upfront and continuing commitment and engagement from all levels of impacted management and stakeholders; failure to use agile development process instead of the lengthy waterfall process; an assumption that the project is an IT project, not a business model change project; unclear goals, vision, and metrics; lack of strong project management, including change management, and lack of scalability of the new applications and/or processes.

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