Can Blue Prism Decipher The RPA Opportunity? | In the News

RPA company Blue Prism has announced a string of new products, including Decipher and has secured new strategic alliances. But the RPA market is growing fast, is it enough?

Decipher is OCR software with an AI twist, or maybe, a bit more than a mere twist. But Blue Prism also works closely with OCR company Abbyy. How will Decipher affect the relationship with Abbyy, asked Sarah Burnett, distinguished analyst at Everest Group at the press and analyst conference accompanying the Blue Prism World event? “As a company, we don’t want to go and re-invent lots of technologies just so that we can say we do this stuff,” responded Dave Moss, Blue Prism’s CTO. He said that Decipher has been designed in such a way that “you can plug products in from other vendors into the workflow.”

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