Global In-house Centers (GICs)

Today’s global organizations are facing a multitude of new challenges.

Improving back-office efficiency and front-office effectiveness. Balancing the use of Global In-house Centers (GICs) and third parties to manage the service portfolio. Building deeper relationships with your Shared Services Center and key service providers. Ensuring regulatory compliance. Managing location risk.

More and more of these organizations are discovering that Everest Group’s Shared Services delivery models and methodologies can successfully overcome these challenges. No matter where you stand on the evolutionary path, our unique tool sets can help you design an ideal solution and guide it through to full implementation.

How do we do this? Proprietary benchmarking and research ensures the latest cost and pricing data is applied to our business case builds and cutting-edge best practices are applied to our process, technology and organizational designs. Proven methodologies such as Service Improvement™, which uncovers and delivers previously unknown value from your current state processes, and City Down™, which minimizes your risk profiles, are employed to optimize currently existing shared services operations. Our ability to build and deliver hybrid services delivery models that exploit the advantages of both shared services and outsourcing is becoming increasingly useful in the marketplace.

The results? An optimized service delivery model, built in the right location, delivering the right set of services and continuously improving and expanding to add even more value to the businesses it supports.