Cloud Services

Cloud computing continues to transform the competitive industry landscape by increasingly altering the playing field. Cloud computing allows enterprises to react faster to market fluctuations, be more flexible and scalable – while helping them control infrastructure technology costs.

These technology advancements have created significant market disruption, making your competitive environment even more competitive. You have witnessed the disruptions cloud computing creates if you:

  • Need faster reaction times. You need to react more quickly to compete in your market.
  • Want the ability to scale faster. You need to scale production up and down in short time frames.
  • Require more cost reduction. You feel the continued pressure to cut costs…even after significant outsourcing.
  • Experience increased demands. Your business partners have increased demands on you so they can become more competitive.
  • Must improve system security. Your constituents are demanding this!

How Everest Group Can Help

Implementing an effective cloud strategy helps you address this turbulence, although you must be prepared to alter the traditional IT business model to do so. To survive, even thrive in this new IT world, you must:

  • Adopt flexible pricing models. The new models are based on consumption, not allocation or hard assets.
  • Get used to coexistence. Typically, cloud and traditional IT models coexist to accommodate the unique characteristics of the business application requirements.
  • Manage multiple providers. You need to learn how to orchestrate all the players so you can fully realize the value of the cloud.

We assess your unique technology and business challenges, so we can formulate a pragmatic cloud action program. The plan includes cloud strategies, implementation plans, and governance.

Everest Group’s expertise in cloud services comes from working with leading enterprises and IT service providers as cloud solutions have evolved. With this insight, our advisors can help you realize your business outcomes through carefully constructed cloud-based strategies.

Cloud Advisory Services

Everest Group’s three categories of Cloud advisory services include:

Strategy – Develop Insight: First we develop your Cloud Strategy. We develop a roadmap that plots how cloud services will help you achieve your business objectives. Other offerings of the strategy phase include:

  • Cloud Economics examines the impacts cloud computing will have on your cost structure, budgeting, and cost planning.
  • Vendor Orchestration and Governance designs your specific strategy to manage and govern the various IT service providers you will use to ensure you integrate them optimally.
  • We assess the offerings of cloud vendors for specific applications in the Vendor Cloud Market Assessment.

Execution – Drive Action. We create the business case for cloud services in our Value Creation Analysis offering. Our Strategic Sourcing offering includes solution development, vendor/solution evaluation, and negotiations and transition planning.

Optimization – Sustain Advantage. We review your service provider relationships that have evolved over time in a Cloud Vendor Management Review and help you create a strategy to streamline and improve your governance.

Our Workload Optimization Review offering reviews your current workload placement and recommends any needed actions for optimization.

Our Cloud Advisory Services offerings also include those specifically designed for service providers. Our Cloud Strategy and Assessment creates positioning strategies so you can grow and improve the market penetration for your services. The Cloud Services Market Readiness assesses your cloud offering within the context of the market, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations for changes and improvements.


Marvin Newell, Managing Partner, Service Provider Consulting

Marvin Newell has deep consulting experience across a broad range of industries. He has advised Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-market organizations. He has helped corporations restructure as well as implement major change programs.

Prior to joining Everest Group, Marvin was President and CEO of Scalable Software, an IT compliance and asset management software firm. He was also President and CEO of Zilliant Inc., a profit and revenue optimization company.

Marvin also served in executive roles at Baan Company, leading global indirect channels selling and deploying ERP solutions. Prior to Baan, Marvin was a Principal with McKinsey & Company, serving large services enterprises on large transformations and growth strategy. He was also a leader of McKinsey’s global IT/Systems practice and North American Electronics practice.