Business Transformation

Sometimes the right thing to do is tune and refine existing processes. In this dynamic hyper-competitive global marketplace, often bolder actions are called for to transform key aspects of the business. Emerging technologies both generate the need to change and be a core part of the solutions.

Do you face any of these challenges in selecting and implementing emerging technologies?

  • What is still hype? How do you determine what is really “vaporware” and what is ready?
  • Which technology should I select? What will offer the most impact for my business?
  • How deeply should I commit to any specific technology? What is the proper level of commitment to these evolving technologies?
  • How do I integrate them in a comprehensive, comprehendible way? With so many models, how do I determine what will work best together?
  • How do I organize internally and across my ecosphere to best leverage these benefits? At the same time, how do I still manage all the appropriate controls?
  • How do I ensure we create an adaptive solution? Given the continuing pace of change, today’s emerging solution can become “old” relatively quickly

How Everest Group Can Help

Business transformation leverages advanced business techniques and emerging technologies to:

  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Improve agility
  • Accelerate cycle times and responsiveness
  • Reduce costs

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Since 1991, Everest Group has assisted leading companies to objectively address these questions and others. We helped our clients craft custom solutions through an integrated mix of market-leading research and deeply experienced advisory professionals who have top-tier management consulting and service delivery backgrounds. The knowledge of these varied professionals allows our team to rapidly cut to the core of the challenge.

The goal: to help you capture the promised value while minimizing the pitfalls. Everest Group works collaboratively with our clients and their potential service providers to move from insight into action.

Business Transformation Services

Everest Group’s Business Transformation services provide support at all levels. We:

  • Develop a clear statement of your desired outcomes given the business constraints
  • Present a set of advanced business techniques and emerging technologies that can help you meet your desired outcomes
  • Work with you to build a road map to get there
  • Work with both you and the service providers to translate the road map into a solution they can really implement
  • Adapt and strengthen your operational delivery practices
  • Improve your contractual provisions
  • Construct a governance program that strengthens your relationship and delivers results
  • Support the transition to the new technologies
  • Adjust accordingly over time based on defined milestones and metrics
  • Create the right partnership and underlying contractual governance and business processes to move from static relationships into dynamic partnerships that can identify and adapt to future emerging technologies.

We apply the same rigor to internal and external service delivery options. Our goal always remains the same: to help you achieve your desired outcomes sustainably for the long term while accommodating your current constraints.


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Each technique has its own approach. Everest Group ensures its clients understand the process so they get more than just surface layer enhancements. We help you do the hard work needed to embrace the iceberg so you can drive full business transformation value.


Betty Rhiger, Partner, Sourcing Advisory Practice

Betty RhigerBetty Rhiger leads Everest Group’s Sourcing Advisory Practice with Todd Hintze. Betty possesses a unique mix of over 20 years of global services industry supply side and advisory expertise. She excels in creatively adapting traditional methodologies to help clients make informed decisions around their long-term strategies and objectives, delivery models and use of disruptive technologies. And her experience in working for service providers gives her the insider’s insights necessary to help clients fully understand third parties’ proposed solutions and negotiating strategies.

She is also adept at quickly sensing company cultures and adjusting her teams’ approaches to align with her clients. Her primary focuses are helping Canadian Global 1000 banking, financial services, energy and utilities companies achieve next generation IT and F&A process excellence.