Industry-Specific Processes

Everest Group’s industry-specific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) research offers focused insights covering Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) and Healthcare & Life Sciences

Contact Center, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement and Industry-Specific Processes

Our Industry-Specific Process Coverage

Our data and analysis of BFSI and Healthcare & Life Sciences processes focuses on the business processes unique to those industries – we cover all geographies and disruptions created by new regulations and changing technologies

Everest Group's fact-based reports

BFSI BPO Published Reports

Our fact-based and easy-to-digest reports on the BFSI BPO markets includes processes such as lending, mortgages, asset management, P&C, and Life & Annuities. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual subscription




Everest Group's fact-based reports

Healthcare & Life Sciences BPO Published Reports

Our fact-based and easy-to-digest reports on the Healthcare & Life Sciences ITO markets includes processes such as payers, providers, and pharmaceuticals. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual subscription



Selection, sustainability, portfolio balancing and more

Location Optimization

Whether you are seeking to set-up a delivery center with industry-specific skill sets or evaluate your current service delivery footprint of centers, we provide the data and expertise to help you make an informed investment decision



Everest Group helps you benchmark global services


Our industry-leading analysis can help you benchmark industry-specific services – prices for outsourced services, contracts and service levels, global delivery models, and more




Fact-based intelligence on peer activity

Peer Intelligence

Learning from the experiences and approaches of other organizations can help avoid costly mistakes and uncover new opportunities. Our peer intelligence capabilities help you validate and improve your strategies



Recent-Research Recent Business Process Services Reports

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Procurement Analytics 3.0

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Managed Service Provider (MSP): A Peek into the Buyer’s Mind – Continuous Innovation is the Key to Buyer Delight

This report aims to provide an insight into the key factors driving MSP adoption am[...]
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Rise of Automation in P&C Insurance

The global business environment is changing; with emphasis on cost optimization, better customer experience, faster and error-free processing, and perfect regulator[...]
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Healthcare Payer BPO – Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2016

As Obamacare continues to bring about changes in the market, healthcare payer market remains in a dynamic state.[...]
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