Service Delivery Locations

From Asia to Central & Eastern Europe to Latin America and Africa, we have assisted hundreds of organizations with their service delivery location decisions

Domain expertise in pricing, locations, GICs and service delivery technologies

Onshore, Nearshore, or Offshore Delivery?

As global service delivery models have matured, hundreds of onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations have emerged and matured. Each has unique attributes in terms of costs structures, talent markets, and risk profiles. As the recognized leader in service delivery locations, we provide a range of services from access to data and insights to location selection and portfolio optimization

Location Optimization

Combining our unparalleled location datasets and expertise in locations, we assist organizations with a wide array of service delivery location issues – selection, sustainability, portfolio balancing and more across all geographies (on-world, only, please). Trusted by the world’s leading users of global services, we can assist with any need.


Locations Insider™ Published Reports

Our Location Insider subscription offering provides ongoing analysis of service delivery location trends and the most important cities, regions, and skill sets. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual subscription.


Advanced Locations Tool

Power users of global services not only need to select locations and occasionally rebalance their portfolio, but also proactively monitor location developments in their current locations and make frequent decisions on how to place work in their priority geographies. Our Advanced Locations Tools is designed to both help track locations trends and provide the fact base for making standard work placement decisions (not to mention educating executive leadership on variations in cost, attrition, talent pool, risk, and other factors).


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