Sherpas in Blue Shirts Blog DigestSherpas in Blue Shirts – Insights from Everest Group’s Smartest and Brightest

The Sherpas in Blue Shirts blog digest is a monthly newsletter that brings you Everest Group’s thought leadership and perspectives on happenings and trends in the global services industry.

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Navigator – Your Guide to Outsourcing and Offshoring Knowledge

The Navigator is a monthly newsletter designed with efficiency and convenience in mind. You will find listings of Everest Group’s recently released and upcoming research, past and forthcoming webinars, new capabilities and much more.





Global Location Insights NewsletterGlobal Location Insights

The Global Location Insights newsletter is a valuable resource for those interested in the next hot location for outsourcing. Inside this quarterly newsletter you will discover an in-depth article covering the latest hot spot authored by our Global Sourcing experts. Related research and corresponding industry news is also highlighted in this newsletter.