Partnerships & Affiliations

By maintaining relationships with key industry organizations, Everest Group is able to meet our commitment to educate the global services industry and support the continual growth and evolution of the market


Collaboration is Strength

We are dedicated to educating the global services industry and supporting the continual growth and evolution of the market through the use of reliable data and fact-based insights. As part of this commitment, we often collaborate and maintain relationships with key partners and industry organizations

Regional Partnerships

To service the needs of clients in Latin America, Everest Group partners with MVD Consulting. The leading regional business consulting firm serves as the Latin American representative for Everest Group. Together, Everest Group and MVD Consulting help business leaders make better informed, high-impact decisions.

Industry Memberships  and Partnerships

What our Partners Say about Everest Group

We are thoroughly impressed with the depth and breadth of Everest Group’s research related to shared services and outsourcing. Everest Group has the pulse on our industry’s trends and the insight to help senior executives make the right decisions. In short, Everest Group is the research firm that delivers on what it promises.

― Sarah Clayton, Global Head, SSON

During the more than seven years that we’ve worked with Everest Group, we have found the quality of its research – which is always fact-based – to be consistently reliable. In fact, Everest Group’s insights have helped shape and continue to evolve the business process management and global in-house center industry.

― Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM