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Everest Group is a management consulting and research firm focused on the development and execution of global IT and business services strategy.

Our clients are C-level executives in Global 1000 companies, IT and business process service providers, and private equity firms seeking to drive complex business transformation, adopt emerging technologies, and adapt disruptive business models as new sources of growth and competitive differentiation.

Since 1991, Everest Group has been an innovator in global services. Over the past 25 years, Everest Group has supported enterprises and service providers in driving value in their business through the utilization of the next generation of IT, business process, and alternative delivery models. As the market has evolved, Everest Group has continued to adapt, developing critical expertise in sourcing advisory services and strong strategic consulting capabilities.

Everest Group’s leadership includes alumni of top management consulting firms, such as Boston Consulting Group, Booz & Company, and McKinsey & Company. We offer an entrepreneurial, highly collaborative, environment with interesting and challenging work and an opportunity to contribute to shaping the firm’s direction, culture, and capabilities.

What makes Everest Group different?

First and foremost, it’s the integrated power of our strategic problem-solving skills, deep functional expertise, sourcing experience, and original research. No other firm has it.

What else sets us apart?

  • Problem-solving skills. We work alongside the largest and most complex organizations in the world, helping them to solve their challenges.
  • Objective, unbiased guidance. We approach each engagement with an open mind without presumptions, preconceptions, or predetermined agendas.
  • Depth of sourcing knowledge. We have been advising clients on delivery model transformation since 1991.
  • Research. Our research is the central source of insight on a range of IT, business process, locations, and service delivery models topics.
  • Adaptable approach. We flexibly tailor our robust tools, templates, and methodologies to each client’s unique situation.



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