Digital Interactive Experience (IX) Services – North America

In North America, enterprises are tightly interweaving the growing importance of experience design with their investments in emerging technologies such as generative AI, metaverse, and blockchain. Customers no longer view a captivating and well-tailored experience as a mere luxury; it has become an imperative. North American consumers are demanding top-notch services and craving seamless, personalized, and ethically conscious interactions with enterprises.

In parallel, businesses are recognizing that, in their quest to attract and retain top talent, creating a thoughtfully designed employee experience across the interaction touchpoints of the employee lifecycle has become vital. Moreover, experience design is extending its influence on partners, as efficient and user-friendly interfaces are becoming the linchpin for successful collaboration and mutual growth.

As the narrative evolves, North American society is prioritizing sustainability and ethical business practices. In summary, experience design, bolstered by investments in cutting-edge technologies, is not just a trend but a fundamental driver for business growth and social responsibility in North America. It profoundly shapes the future and impact of enterprises in the region, aligning their operations with the values and aspirations of a rapidly changing market.

Digital Interactive Experience

What is in this PEAK Matrix® Report

In this report, we assess 26 providers featured on the Digital Interactive Experience (IX) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 – North America, a comprehensive matrix that evaluates and categorizes providers on their capabilities and market impact.

In this report, we:

  • Assess 26 leading North American digital IX service providers and design agencies on Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® evaluation framework
  • Categorize providers as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants
  • Evaluate providers’ key strengths and limitations


  • All industries
  • Geography: North America
  • The assessment is based on Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2023, interactions with leading IX service providers, client reference checks, and an ongoing analysis of the digital IX services market

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What is the PEAK Matrix®?

The PEAK Matrix® provides an objective, data-driven assessment of service and technology providers based on their overall capability and market impact across different global services markets, classifying them into three categories: Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants.

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