Employer of Record (EOR) Solutions

Expanding globally is often a multifaceted and time-consuming process that requires organizations to navigate unfamiliar legal systems, tax structures, and global payroll procedures. As enterprises aim to tap into the advantages of hiring talent globally, managing and paying employees compliantly across multiple countries can become a formidable challenge. Therefore, one of the simplest ways for enterprises to swiftly enter a new market is to utilize an Employer of Record (EOR) service. An EOR partner empowers companies to legally engage with workers in a new country or region without the need to establish a separate legal entity or risk violating local laws.

Employer of Record

What is in this PEAK Matrix® Report

In this report, we analyze 20 providers on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for EOR solutions and categorize them as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. The research will help providers benchmark their capabilities against competitors, while buyers will be able to evaluate the different providers based on their sourcing needs.

In this report, we provide:

  • Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® evaluation of EOR providers and their categorization as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants
  • Top EOR providers across geographies and industries
  • EOR providers’ key strengths and limitations


  • All industries and geographies
  • The assessment is based on Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2023, interactions with leading EOR providers, client reference checks, and an ongoing analysis of the EOR market

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What is the PEAK Matrix®?

The PEAK Matrix® provides an objective, data-driven assessment of service and technology providers based on their overall capability and market impact across different global services markets, classifying them into three categories: Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants.

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