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In today’s competitive talent market, presenting a compelling brand image is critical to attracting and retaining the best tech talent. This blog presents the top tech employers in three markets based on employees’ brand perceptions of more than 400 organizations as well as other key findings from Everest Group’s research.

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Brand perception matters

Attracting and retaining top tech talent has grown increasingly difficult in recent years due to the impact of new work models during the pandemic, rapid technological advancements, and fiercer competition. These disruptions have played a significant role in shaping employees’ expectations, providing candidates with a wider array of options in selecting employers and job opportunities that align with their preferences.

Having employees with niche skillsets and expertise is increasingly critical to sustaining a competitive edge. A recent Everest Group survey found that 34% of respondents struggle to find quality tech talent, emphasizing that the battle for tech talent is still far from over and underscores the need for organizations to differentiate themselves.

Employer brand perception – or how current and potential employees view the organization’s brand – is one of the most critical factors in attracting talent. For employees and candidates, perception is reality.

In today’s digital era, employees can easily research and collect information on a company’s culture, reputation, policies and practices, and values. Online platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed, social media, and various forums allow employees to access reviews, ratings, and feedback.

Based on these insights, employees develop their perceptions of an organization – but the potential issue is that these views can differ from the image the organization wants to project. Let’s look at research that helps to better understand this dichotomy.

Introducing Everest Group Top Employers for Tech Talent Report

While most organizations regularly collect internal feedback from employees, they can be blindsided by the perception of their brand from an outside-in perspective.

Everest Group Top Employer for Tech Talent™ report is designed to draw on publicly available information and the latest feedback capturing prospective employees’ perceptions about the organization’s reputation as a tech employer.

The report analyzed 400-plus organizations across India, the US, and the UK for their employer brand perception rating as a tech employer in the respective markets.

The study examined brand perception across dimensions such as compensation and benefits, career progression, senior management, work-life balance, culture and values, and diversity and inclusion. It also evaluated the performance of the tech employers in local talent markets, spotlighting attrition rates, joiner-exit ratio, and overall employee satisfaction ratings.

Insights from the report

The analysis of the outside-in perspective revealed fascinating insights into employee expectations. Tech employers need to watch the trends in employee sentiments to maintain a positive brand perception. Here are some takeaways:

  • Employer brand perception is dynamic and fluctuates over time. Job seekers are constantly evaluating employers who must be watchful of changing brand perception
  • Employee expectations constantly change, and approaches that previously worked may not be relevant now
  • Maintaining the status as a top employer is a monumental feat that requires an ongoing process of creating and maintaining a superior employee value proposition
  • Systematic local talent market differences play a critical role in determining employer brand perception. Employees in India, for example, assign varying degrees of importance to different components of employee value proposition compared to counterparts in the US and the UK
  • Perceived brand perception strongly influences and correlates with success in the talent markets for tech employers

Learnings from Top Employers: Shell and SAP

To better understand what makes the leading employers stand out, Everest Group hosted a webinar featuring two companies viewed as top employers for tech talent across all three analyzed geographies.

Jimit Arora, Partner at Everest Group, and Mihir Bade, Senior Analyst at Everest Group, discuss with Brandi Khouri, Vice President of Human Resources at Shell, and Shweta Mohanty, Head of Human Resources at SAP, the secret sauce behind their successes.

During the webinar, Shell highlights that the challenge to develop energy solutions of today and tomorrow, collaboration with experienced and high-caliber colleagues, the opportunity to create a direct impact, and a value-led environment are the keys to their success as an employer of choice.

For leading technology organization, SAP, connecting employees with its purpose and culture creates the difference. The core element of co-creation is well reflected in SAP’s employee value proposition of “we build breakthroughs together.”

To learn the details of these successes, view the webinar, 2023 Top Employers for Tech Talent: Create a Powerful Employer Value Proposition.

Enterprise and CIO leaders are invited to request a complimentary copy of the Top Employers for Tech Talent™ report providing an overview of their organization’s outside-in perception and a benchmark comparison with industry peers.

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