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Accenture aims to enhance its supply chain prowess by acquiring after-sales services provider OnProcess Technology. The deal can create opportunities for both firms, their clients, and the overall supply chain business process services market. Discover the key drivers behind this union and its potential impact in this breaking blog.

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Accenture’s plan to acquire OnProcess Technology, announced on Oct. 31, 2023, aligns with Accenture’s inorganic growth strategy to expand its supply chain management capabilities. As a leading managed services provider, Accenture provides a wide range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, technology, business processes, and operations.

OnProcess Technology specializes in after-sales services, one of the fastest-growing supply chain business process services. This segment is expected to grow even further due to its close ties to sustainability and its potential to impact revenue and customer satisfaction directly.

Based on our research and analysis, we view this acquisition as a good business move for Accenture. This is due to the segment’s strong potential and the opportunities it gives Accenture to leverage OnProcess Technology’s after-sales capabilities to enhance its supply chain offerings. Read on to learn more.

Key drivers of this acquisition

Three main factors are behind this deal. Let’s explore each further.

  • Creation of a single entity with the breadth and depth to meet end-to-end supply chain needs

Supply Chain Management Business Process Services (SCM BPS) has grown 15-20% over the past few years. The market encompasses four major processes: planning, making/manufacturing, delivery, and one of the fastest growth areas – after-sales services. Though each company has the strength and capabilities to manage aspects of after-sales services, the combined entity enhances Accenture’s end-to-end supply chain coverage by augmenting existing capabilities and filling specific gaps within their portfolios.

While OnProcess specializes in after-sales services, it lacks the operational scale and broader end-to-end capabilities Accenture offers. Accenture holds a Leader position in the Everest Group SCM BPS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. OnProcess Technology is also a prominent Major Contender, supported by a strong vision and focused investment.

Combining the capabilities of both firms could provide enterprises with a one-stop supply chain solution. Additionally, OnProcess Technology’s existing clients can access Accenture’s broader capabilities in supply chain and other synergist functions. This will give clients a comprehensive ecosystem to seamlessly access their business process and IT services needs.

Exhibit 1 shows the findings from the 2023 SCM BPS PEAK Matrix® Assessment, where Accenture and OnProcess Technology are positioned strongly.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) BPS – PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

The combined entity will extend Accenture’s leadership position with strong end-to-end supply chain management services.Slide3

This exhibit shows a high-level view of Accenture’s and OnProcess Technology’s key capabilities/offerings

  • Aggressive expansion strategy to strengthen supply chain capabilities through inorganic growth and other investments

Continuing its concerted efforts to boost its supply chain capabilities both organically and inorganically, Accenture has made significant investments and more than 40 acquisitions in recent years. This latest acquisition will significantly boost and enhance Accenture’s after-sales capabilities within the supply chain.

The below exhibit outlines Accenture’s inorganic investments since May 2020.


Accenture’s supply chain investments

Accenture has invested in the entire supply chain value chain across plan, make/manufacture, deliver, and after-sales services and has also acquired multiple sustainability-focused companies in the past few years to meet clients’ demands in this space.

OnProcess Technology has also been in a growth phase over the last couple of years. It has significantly invested in developing its after-sales capabilities, including appointing a new executive team, sustainability head, and chief product officer, launching a cloud-based platform, and expanding in regions such as Latin America.

The exhibit below outlines OnProcess Technology’s key milestones since its inception.


OnProcess Technology’s key milestones since inception

Given the firms’ investment appetite and strategic alignment, this latest acquisition is a logical
step to strengthen Accenture’s positioning in the supply chain market.

  • Supply chain portfolio diversification in the rapidly growing after-sales services market

After-sales services is the fastest-growing SCM BPS segment, with a forecasted compound annual growth rate of about 20%. Many SCM BPS providers have tried to develop end-to-end after-sales capabilities, yet none have fully achieved this. The OnProcess Technology acquisition will help Accenture fill its missing after-sales services capability gaps and pave the way for comprehensive supply chain management capabilities.

Furthermore, OnProcess Technology has a large number of long-term clients, many with relationships spanning more than eight years. This gives Accenture opportunities to expand its existing engagement scope in established accounts with high customer satisfaction.

Additionally, more than two-thirds of OnProcess Technology’s revenue comes from clients in the high-tech and technology sector, one of the fastest-growing segments within supply chain management BPS. This sector is focused on sustainability and enabling circular supply chains through repairing, recycling, and refurbishing electronic devices. Accenture’s acquisition of OnProcess Technology opens access to an attractive client base to support its broader vision of fostering sustainable supply chains.

One-stop solution for all the supply chain needs of enterprises

The combined entity will address enterprises’ demand for end-to-end supply chain services.

In the rapidly evolving SCM market, demand for end-to-end SCM offerings is on the rise. Given the urgency to rapidly develop capabilities, many providers are expanding inorganically to gain a head start in capturing the growing market. With the acquisition of OnProcess Technology, Accenture stands to augment its ability to offer integrated SCM services and customized after-sales offerings at scale to clients.

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