Everest Group Webinar to Offer Counsel on Mitigating Process and Supply Chain Disruptions Due to COVID-19 Pandemic | Press Release

Everest Group’s leading analysts to offer specific actions and frameworks for minimizing the impact of the novel coronavirus to business operations in the short- and mid-term.

Leading analysts from across Everest Group’s practices have compiled their advice for enterprises on how to mitigate the business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the short- and mid-term. The firm will share this counsel in a complimentary webinar to be hosted on Tuesday, March 24, at 9 am CDT: “Coronavirus—Beyond Hand Sanitizer: Mitigating Business Impact and Uncovering the Positive.”

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The one-hour event will delve into these issues:

  • How do you assess immediate impact on supply base?
  • How can you find the cost savings you’re being asked for?
  • How do you reorganize resources and processes to maintain delivery in the mid-term, and how do you build in contracting flexibility/agility to address unexpected capacity variations?
  • Given the current and expected economic impact, do you renegotiate pricing … and how?

“Most organizations have already addressed the basic issues of safe hygiene practices, travel policies, work from home plans and other ways to conduct business while observing social distancing, so this webinar will take it to the next level,” said Michel Janssen, chief research officer at Everest Group. “We will address the questions business leaders have about how to get business done under these unprecedented circumstances and what adjustments can be made now to best position the company for the near and distant future. Our experts will offer a 360-degree view of the business implications and provide specific actions and frameworks leaders can deploy this quarter, next quarter, and the quarter beyond.”

The webinar is designed to help leaders across organizations evaluate impact and uncover opportunities. The event is particularly well-suited for executives in businesses that provide or use IT, business process, or engineering services, including:

  • Heads of procurement and sourcing
  • Category managers
  • Heads of in-house centers or shared services centers
  • C-suite leaders from service provider organizations and buying organizations

The webinar will be hosted by Janssen as well as Amy Fong and Abhishek Singh, vice presidents at Everest Group.

Live participation is encouraged, but registrants who are unable to attend will receive by email a link to the session slides and on-demand playback.

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