Everest Group Declares “The Age of Decentralized Clinical Trials Has Begun”

Everest Group also joins DTRA, offering members accessibility to pioneering research on clinical technology


DALLAS, March 29, 2023 —Everest Group today released its latest research report on Decentralized Clinical Trials, which documents a 38% increase from 2021 to 2022 in the number of trials conducted with a decentralized and/or virtual component. Everest Group predicts that the adoption of DCTs by pharmaceutical companies will rapidly accelerate as early adopters praise the approach for putting patient experience at the forefront.

DCTs enable patients to participate in a clinical trial from the comfort of their homes through the use of technology (such as sensors or remote monitoring devices) and home-visit services. In an Everest Group survey of buyers of DCTs, interviewees reported that 20-25% of their trial portfolios were decentralized or hybrid in nature today, but that 80-90% of their trial portfolios will be decentralized/hybrid by 2027. When asked to name the biggest benefit of DCTs, two out of three of those buyers interviewed (67%) cited “improved patient enrollment and retention rates.” Other benefits named include reduced cost (20%), reduced trial timelines (13%), more diverse patient populations (13%), getting real time data (7%), and enabling complex scoring and analysis (7%).

These findings and more are detailed in the Decentralized Clinical Trials Adoption Playbook. This playbook looks at more than 50 DCT case studies across different therapy areas and informs enterprises about the trends, benefits and challenges in DCT adoption to help them design a strategy for seamless DCT adoption. (A complimentary abstract of this report is available for download.)

Everest Group also released today its 2023 Life Sciences Decentralized Clinical Trial Platforms State of the Market Report, which analyzes the current state of the DCT market. The report explores adoption and market trends; the DCT platform providers’ landscape; the enterprise view of DCT platform providers; Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives; and emerging technology opportunities in the industry. (A complimentary abstract of this report is available for download.)

Pandemic Spotlight on DCTs Revealed Major Benefits to the Approach

Traditional clinical trials are an expensive affair, costing upwards of US$2.6 billion and up to 12 years in research effort before approval by a regulatory body. Additional burdens of the traditional approach are patient recruitment challenges, patient adherence and engagement challenges, and regulatory challenges.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, clinical trial activity came to a halt because patients could no longer travel to hospital networks to participate in a clinical trial. Fortunately, DCTs breathed new life into these paused clinical trials and delivered a host of benefits beyond those offered by the traditional clinical research approach. As a result, enterprises have accelerated their plans toward DCT adoption, looking to convert their piecemeal deployments into a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing the trial experience for patients, sponsors and Contract Research Organizations. Additionally, recent technological advances, the proliferation of wearables, and the regulatory pressure on the industry to adopt DCTs following the pandemic have made the DCT landscape ripe for disruption.

Everest Group Partners with DTRA

Everest Group also announced today that it has joined the Decentralized Trials Research Alliance (DTRA) to support the organization’s mission of advancing policies, research practices and new technologies to make clinical trial participation widely accessible.

“Today, pharmaceutical companies are optimistic about and investing in DCT trials, and Everest Group sees great potential in the market; however, because the technology and adoption is nascent, additional stakeholder education, product innovation and partnerships are needed,” said Nitish Mittal, partner at Everest Group. “DTRA is one of the few bodies which is driving standardization in the process and stakeholder education in this space. We’re pleased to support the DTRA mission and to contribute by giving DTRA members access to Everest Group’s curated clinical development technology research.”

A frontrunner in the research of clinical technology, Everest Group has a deep research portfolio focused on the demand and supply side of DCTs. By partnering with DTRA, Everest Group aims to disseminate information about the DCT market (such as DCT product suppliers and their capabilities, enterprise DCT adoption trends and sourcing considerations, DCT state of the market, etc.) to various stakeholders responsible for adoption and continued success of DCTs.

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