In-person event

The Conference Board's Global Business Services Conference

October 27 - 28, 2022 |
Westin New York at Times Square | New York, NY

Everest Group is a lead sponsor of The Conference Board’s renowned Global Business Services Conference, which is scheduled to be held in New York on October 27-28, 2022.

We’ll be leading the following sessions:

GBS Reference Data: A New Decision Tool 

Kellogg Corporation and Everest Group will showcase a breakthrough approach for integrative, holistic, and science based GBS decision making. At the heart of this approach is the concept that making GBS decisions requires starting with the “work” and using the attributes of the work (“work fingerprints”) to drive decisions based on data and facts, vs. heuristics and instinct. This thought-provoking session will expose GBS leaders to several use-cases where the Kellogg GBS team leveraged work fingerprints to drive integrated and often counter-intuitive decisions.

Presenters: Jimit Arora, Partner, Everest Group,  Deanna Adler, Vice President, Global Business Services, Kellogg Company, and Krisha Akerman, Senior Director, Strategic Planning and Network Development – Global Business Services, Kellogg Company

Center of Excellence: Up the Value Chain

Presenter: Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Vice President, Everest Group

Building Centers of Excellence (CoEs) has become an imperative for global business service (GBS) organizations and is critical to develop distinctive high-value capabilities, enable cross-functional collaboration, and increase value delivered beyond labor arbitrage.

In this session, Everest Group will share findings from its research of 100+ GBS organizations globally covering approaches to develop successful CoEs. Rohitashwa will also discuss ideas and break down the components of an effective CoE, examining its role, focus areas, governance mechanisms, typical challenges, market success stories, and steps GBS leaders need to take to build a successful CoE.

We’ll also share our playbook, which identifies the steps and framework necessary to build strategic CoEs in GBS organizations.

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