Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q3 2022

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

Growing up in a family of engineers, I had a first-hand view of how problems can be framed and solved – whether for professional endeavors or planning a home renovation project. Although I was the lone non-engineer, I developed an appreciation for how engineering shapes the world at the most fundamental levels. This is especially true today. The engineering services market has seen strong growth in demand as enterprises seek to incorporate numerous forms of innovation into how they run their businesses and create differentiation in the marketplace. Whether medical devices and personal medicine, IoT, digitization, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, or sustainability – take your pick – engineering services are needed to knit these individual technical capabilities into the reality of how we live and work. Engineering services are directly shaping how organizations recruit talent, design products, and support customers.

Everest Group began following the engineering services space some years ago. Over time our coverage has expanded in terms of topics covered and depth of analysis to include automotive, semiconductors, aerospace and defense, telecom, media and entertainment, medical devices, software, and Industry 4.0.

In this quarter’s issue of our Analyst Relations Newsletter, we share highlights from our engineering services portfolio and introduce you to our lead thinkers on the topic. You’ll learn how we’ve worked with both providers and enterprises to help them develop, execute, and manage their respective engineering services programs through our research portfolio and our custom engagements. I hope you have a smooth transition from the playful summer months to the more focused months of the coming fall.

Best regards:

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

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Talent Spotlight

Akshat Vaid, Vice President at Everest Group, leads engineering services research and advisory across industry verticals and service segments. He assists global enterprises on a variety of initiatives across engineering, technology, outsourcing, and ecosystem engagement and works with global engineering service providers on business growth strategy, competitiveness, and differentiation.


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Low-code Capabilities and the Best Low-code Platforms

In this video, our analysts discuss the recent Low-code Application Development Platforms PEAK Matrix® assessment examining the best low-code platforms and providers in the market, including their low-code capabilities, the different categories of low-code platforms that exist, the growth of the low-code market, pricing, and why successful adoption depends on selecting the right providers.

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How Insurers Can Retain Skilled IT Talent with Workload Automation and Orchestration | In the News

According to Ronak Doshi, VP at Everest Group, only 4% of millennials are interested in working in insurance technology roles because they perceive the industry as slow to adopt innovative technologies.


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CCAP cited data from global research firm Everest Group that showed the local IT-BPM industry’s headcount grew by up to 10% last year to over 120,000 jobs—its strongest since 2016.


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“Advanced technologies, especially in VR headsets and smart glasses, will track behavioral and biometric information at a record scale,” explains Everest Group in its recent report: Taming the Hydra: Trust and Safety in the Metaverse.


Indian IT Firms Cut Staff Bonuses as US, European Clients Tighten Budgets | In the News

“There’s growing conviction in businesses that we need to prepare for a (global) recession,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group. “The first thing they do is try to eliminate discretionary spending. It is early, but starting to happen.”


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