Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q2 2023

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

We’ve all been very intrigued and a little nervous about an emerging world shaped by ChatGPT and other Generative AI (GAI) technologies. These buzz topics have clearly made their entrance into our worlds – both professionally and personally. I’m not sure how this technology will shape the fundamentals of my life and work, but I do know that I’m interested in figuring out how to make it work for me in achieving what I want to accomplish. So these next few lines reflect my thinking on how AR professionals can potentially get some value from GAI for the things they have to get done. Some strategic in nature, some operational. Here goes:

  1. Automated data collection & analysis: AI can sift through an ocean of data – from analyst reports to social media chatter to RFI requirements
  2. Sentiment analysis: AI can gauge the tone of analysts’ writings about your companies, helping save time and attain clarity more quickly
  3. AI-powered relationship management: AI can help us track and monitor relationships with analysts, identifying patterns that can help you strengthen these vital connections
  4. Chatbots for quick response: With AI chatbots, you can ensure that some categories of inquiries are answered promptly, around the clock
  5. Customized content creation: AI can assist in crafting tailored content for analysts, by firm or topic area, boosting engagement
  6. Efficient briefings management: AI can streamline the management of analyst briefings, especially post-meeting follow-ups
  7. Effective internal communication: With AI, you can distribute crucial analyst insights swiftly and efficiently within your organizations
  8. And the most exciting – complete analyst RFI responses: By integrating various data sources and applications, you can conceivably use ChatGPT can to automate responses to analyst research RFI requests. Now wouldn’t that be nice!


While the core value of AR comes from the nuanced conversations and relationships we nurture on a 1-on-1 basis, the power of AI for AR may lie in its ability to free you from routine tasks so you can focus on strategic planning, relationship building, and how best to apply insights from research to help with creative problem-solving for your organization.

How do you see yourself harnessing this tech to make your life a little easier and more productive?

Best Regards,

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

From the CEO’s Office

In this video, Everest Group’s Katrina Menzigian, Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement, speaks with Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO, Everest Group, about GAI and what it could mean for businesses and why it’s the hottest topic in the industry. The speakers dive into the potential opportunities, the risks and how to manage those risks, and how GAI will be disruptive, but in a good way.


Everest Group’s Buyer’s Corner

Read how Everest Group supported this F100 company in transforming its strategic approach to existing and future IT Services (ITS) Outsourcing engagements by identifying opportunities for productivity and operational improvements.


Talent Spotlight

Mukesh Ranjan is a Vice President in the Information Technology Services team at Everest Group, leading research in the areas of enterprise digital transformation, cloud and traditional infrastructure, next-generation network infrastructure, digital workplace, and cybersecurity. In a recent conversation, Mukesh shared, “I aim to help clients solidify their critical decisions in the fast-changing cloud and infrastructure space. We work hard to share insights that are data-backed and well-researched.”

Mukesh is this edition’s Talent Spotlight and you can read more about him in his bio.


Analyst Relations Best Practices

Did you know you can view Everest Group’s RFI Agenda at any time? This listing of all forthcoming Everest Group RFIs can be found on our public Reports Portal. It’s a great one to bookmark to help your team better plan its workflow. The RFI Agenda is right on the landing page. You can see all the critical info, such as study title, status, RFI launch date, publication date, and links to previous reports. Check it out!


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