Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q2 2022

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

Do you find yourself asking the question, “what’s it all about?” I do. I don’t think I’m the only one, but the experiences of these past couple of years have at times led me to a reflective state of mind. In so many ways, we have had to think about how we as individuals fit into our society and the greater world. Paradigms about our views of health, success, environment, and even major systems like our social and political order, have all come into question. More often, our discussions and thoughts are less about “me” and more about “we.”

In our sphere of IT and business services and products, perhaps it’s this reflection that has fueled a more intentional look at how we’re building our businesses and looking at how 2 + 2 can possibly equal more than four. Can we really be profitable and “do good” at the same time? Short answer – Yes! At Everest Group, we have doubled down to more intentionally build out a body of work that deeply explores and examines the uber-big topic of sustainability. This has involved developing frameworks for describing purpose-driven businesses, conducting primary research to show what is actually happening on the ground, identifying growing business opportunities, and engaging in meaningful conversations with those taking the lead on sustainability.

Explore this issue of our Analyst Relations Newsletter to learn what Everest Group has been doing in impact sourcing, sustainable technology, sustainability in financial services, and many other areas.

Best regards –

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

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Explore our recent custom research

Client Success Story #1: A leading global service provider engaged Everest Group to conduct a deep-dive study and workshop on the current competitive landscape for sustainability technology enablement services in the European market.

Client Success Story #2: Everest Group’s Amy Fong and Rita Soni spoke at SIG’s 2022 Procurement Technology Summit on April 5, 2022, on the topic of “ESG in Services: What Sourcing Teams Must Know to Do More.”

Talent Spotlight

Rita N. Soni, Principal Analyst, Impact Sourcing and Sustainability Research at Everest Group, is providing overarching insight and framing of environment, social, and governance (ESG) efforts across practice areas, with a special focus on inclusive talent strategies, including impact sourcing. She assists clients on a wide array of topics across the ESG landscape.


Featured Video

Impact Sourcing in Action | #EGresponsible Series

Watch the most recent video in our #EGresponsible series as Everest Group’s Anurag Sharma and Dhiraj Dolwani, CEO of impact sourcing company B2R Technologies, share how their business relationship came to fruition, evolved, and overcame challenges.

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In the News

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Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group, says, “It’s interesting, it’s predominantly a private sector and Big Tech-driven initiative and trend. Governments have not done much beyond South Korea.”


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The Products launch by KPMG brings it into line with other services being offered by rival businesses, says Nitish Mittal, Partner at Everest Group.


Is Africa the New Global Talent Pool? | In the News

Parul Jain, Practice Director at Everest Group, states that Africa possesses the potential to fill up the talent gap.


7 Hot IT Outsourcing Trends — and 7 Going Cold | In the News

“A price rise – if not across the board, for majority of workloads – is in the cards,” says Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group.


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