Analyst Relations Newsletter Q3 2020: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Case #1: Competitive strategy to drive growth – for the CEO of large IT services provider

The client, CEO of one of the world’s largest IT service providers headquartered in US, wanted to understand how key competitors were realigning to the changing nature of demand – new technologies, SaaS-oriented consumption, and business taking over from IT in defining digital demand.

To address our client’s needs, we:

  • Applied our subject matter expertise on the global IT services supply ecosystem to build a strong set of hypotheses around competitors’ strategies
  • Augmented it with significant primary research with clients and other industry watchers (investors, clients, and former employees) to validate assumptions
  • Built recommendations on an array of dimensions – service delivery model, client relationship management, large deal strategy, and innovation investments, among others

Our client used these recommendations to define action items for both, his markets and his operations team.

Case #2: Delivery model optimization – for the COO for major IT service provider

The client, COO of a major service IT services provider, sought our support to aid in a significant transformation project he was leading for his organization – changing the delivery model to align to the new normal remote working model, post COVID.

We supported our client with a set of detailed dashboards and reports including:

  • Analysis of its key client segments on services procurement, talent needs, and productivity needs
  • Analysis of key competitors on the evolution of their delivery models (SWOT analysis)
  • Assessment of the client’s organization to identify gaps and strengths in demand and the firm’s competitive alignment

We worked with the COO and his team to plug in the data points and recommendations needed for his planning exercise. As a final step, we helped develop a set of metrics to enable our client define the end state and track progress.

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