Impact sourcing | Athena Alliance

May 25, 2023
9:00 AM PT | 12 PM ET

Talent, be it in-house or with your sourcing partners, has become complex in 2023. Global services, especially, are always on the lookout for talent sources that are highly engaged and stable, ensuring high-quality work and low attrition. Impact Sourcing, or hiring skilled and motivated talent from disadvantaged groups around the world, is proving to be a solution – helping forward-thinking organizations tap into new talent pools, fill roles, create pipelines, and realize substantial business benefits.

Everest Group has designed a panel for Athena Alliance leaders and decision-makers. CXOs and several founders will share real-world lessons on creating an inclusive workforce focusing on marginalized communities and the business case to persuade the skeptics. All have a particular focus on women – as UN Women calls it – Gender Responsive Procurement. You will want to engage all these companies because of how they are marrying quality global services and sustainability, the ultimate of “doing good while doing well.”

Catch Rita Soni, Principal Analyst for Impact Sourcing and Sustainability at Everest Group, as she joins the conversation at this event.

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Rita Soni
Principal Analyst for Impact Sourcing and Sustainability, Everest Group
Wendy Gonzalez
CEO, Sama Sama
Isabelle Mashola
CEO & Co-founder, Isahit
Balaji Ganapathy
Global Head, CSR, Chief Social Responsibility Officer, Tata Consultancy Services
Coco Brown
CEO, Athena Alliance

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