Turbocharge your business processes: The power of process orchestration in driving business process transformation

April 16, 2024

Catch Everest Group Practice Director, Santhosh Kumar, in an upcoming webinar discussing the pivotal role of Process Orchestration in reshaping organizational landscapes. In this session, the expert panel will explore the pressing challenges that enterprises face in their pursuit of business process transformation. Key highlights:

  1. Uncover the challenges hindering business process transformation 
  2. Get ready to demystify the essence of process orchestration as we unravel its multifaceted applications  
  3. Discover the tangible benefits, from enhanced efficiency to accelerated time-to-market 
  4. Learn how process orchestration enables holistic business transformation and organizational evolution 
Santhosh Kumar
Practice Director, Everest Group
Marc Stromberg
Co-founder and Key Account Manager, GBTEC

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