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Expanding Horizons: India GCCs Propelling the Next Wave of Growth for Life Sciences Organizations

September 12, 2023 |
8:00 AM IST - 11:00 AM IST

Facilitated by Everest Group

The life sciences industry is undergoing significant evolution and growth driven by advancements in technology, changing demographics, shifting regulatory landscapes, and emerging healthcare challenges.

India has emerged as a key location for life sciences organizations due to its vast talent pool of skilled professionals, cost-effectiveness, robust research infrastructure, supportive regulatory environment, and thriving innovation ecosystem.

Join this roundtable on September 12 in Bangalore to participate in conversations with our expert analysts and your peers. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the future potential for the industry, and how India as a leading global delivery location can play an instrumental role in the growth of life sciences organizations.

We’ll uncover key themes in this discussion, such as:

  • How India has emerged as a key talent hub for life sciences organizations 
  • How to leverage the diverse talent/capabilities to enable delivery of services across the life sciences value chain (and the opportunity to leverage talent beyond R&D in areas such as commercial analytics, F&A, and SCM)
  • How there is an increasing focus on innovation, digital, and data analytics in life sciences GCCs, and how it is backed by India’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem 

Who should attend? 

  • Life sciences leaders and site heads

Roundtable guidelines 

The only price of admission is participation. Attendees should be prepared to share their experiences and be willing to engage in discourse. Participation is limited to enterprise leaders (no service providers).

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