The Trailblazers in the Ecosystem: Levers of Innovation, Growth, and Resilience

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, September 14, 2023. 

Everest Group and nasscom will host a dynamic LinkedIn Live event spotlighting 💡 the achievements, best practices, and success stories from a few of the 2023 nasscom GCC award winners in the Rising Star and Innovation with Impact categories.

This event will illustrate the transformative path of these GCCs and how they have elevated 💹 themselves by strategically integrating innovation, effectively addressing business needs, and successfully delivering significant business impact. 📢 📢Join us as we uncover learnings from their journeys and hear valuable insights from the best in the industry.

The presenters will discuss:
✅ Strategies to drive innovation to solve challenges and pave the way for sustainable and quantifiable impact
✅ Approaches to accelerate value for the global 🌎 enterprise with a high degree of ownership and accountability
✅   Methods to implement seamless integration within the larger enterprise framework
✅  Ways to enhance brand presence and elevate the employee value proposition

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