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From Hype to Reality: Generative AI in Action

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, October 04, 2023.

As we enter the post-hype phase of generative AI, enterprises now want to understand its tangible 🔗 benefits and practical applications. However, real-world implementation use cases are not fully known or well understood.

📢📢Join this LinkedIn Live discussion, where we’ll explore how senior enterprise stakeholders are approaching generative AI as a technology, their current investments, and which high-priority, production-level use cases and applications they’re focusing on. Joining us will be Piyush Kumar, Vice President, Head Data Engineering at MakeMyTrip, to share his company’s generative AI journey.

Our discussion will also tackle the inherent challenges, from data privacy to cost concerns, for practical implementation. You’ll gain valuable insights 📝and have an opportunity to ask questions about the potential of generative AI for your business.

What questions will this event answer?

✅ What is the current on-the-ground adoption of generative AI among enterprises?
✅ Which enterprise areas or functions currently see the most activity and interest from a generative AI perspective?
✅ What are the key challenges and risks associated with generative AI, and what are the potential solutions to overcome them?
✅ How can organizations become gen AI-ready?

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