trust & safety summit uk

13-14 March, 2024

Catch Everest Group’s Abhijnan Dasgupta on a panel discussion at the Trust & Safety Summit UK. His session is titled “What’s Next for Trust & Safety Professionals?”

Abhijnan will join other experts to explore the future landscape of trust and safety, identifying key trends, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead.

The panel will explore topics such as:

  • What the future of digital platforms and online threats and harms will look like
  • How to measure the success and change of impending regulations
  • Ways to assess how Trust & Safety professionals can futureproof their operations
  • How Trust & Safety will evolve as generative AI, Web 3.0, and Metaverse platforms become more prominent
  • What will happen for Trust & Safety leaders if we do not see transformative change in light of new regulations?
Dasgupta Abhijnan
Abhijnan Dasgupta
Practice Director, Everest Group

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