Safeguarding the Digital Era: Technology Adoption in Trust and Safety

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, July 26, 2023. 

💻 As the internet becomes flooded with an ever-increasing volume of information, the universe of toxic content is expanding at an astonishing rate 📈. Enterprises must be able to moderate content in real-time and provide adequate safety features on platforms to ensure a positive experience for users.

An effective tech-based solution can fast-track the moderation process and minimize the necessity for human moderators to go through the toxic content 💬.

📣📣 Watch this LinkedIn Live to hear insights into the latest developments, emerging themes, challenges, and opportunities in the Trust and Safety (T&S) technology landscape 🔒.

What questions does the event answer for the participants?

🌐What is the role of technology in T&S?
🌐What is the current T&S technology landscape, and what are the emerging technologies?
🌐What are the inherent challenges in the adoption of emerging technologies?
🌐How can enterprises maximize RoI on tech investments in T&S?

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