Everest Group Market Insights™ Explain Complex Global Sourcing Trends Visually, Clearly and Without a Subscription | Press Release

DALLAS, JULY 30, 2014 — Although the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” dates to the early 1900s or before, Everest Group finds the phrase more applicable than ever in 2014 as the company’s Market Insights gain fans in social and traditional media venues.

In a world exploding with content, decision makers need tools for consuming the most important information in less time. Therefore, Everest Group, an advisory and research firm on global services, developed Market Insights–high-resolution graphics representing key insights from its research—as an innovative way to express content succinctly and powerfully and thus provide more value to clients. The skillfully developed illustrations break through the clutter of information overload and draw the attention of decision-makers to crucial information and content of specific value to them.

Market Insights’ publication-quality graphics are posted on the Everest Group website (www.everestgrp.com/category/market-insights) and distributed with Everest Group’s research reports. The graphics are available for free use by clients, media, and others with appropriate source attribution.

“Market Insights were designed to help the global sourcing ecosystem more quickly grasp and share the complex trends driving our industry,” says Elizabeth Boudrie, vice president, Market Insights at Everest Group. “With Market Insights, journalists, bloggers and clients can understand the facts and move on to the strategic implications of trends, and that’s where the value is.”

Since launching Market Insights in January 2014, Everest Group has published more than 200 thought-provoking infographics on a wide range of topics in the categories of business process services, information technology services, and market tracking and trends.

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