How Can Your Data Analytics Improve Your Customer Experience?

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on July 14, 2022.

The pandemic unequivocally altered customer habits across all industries, drastically increasing online transactions and communication. Forward-looking businesses found opportunities in this shift to create sustainable, long-term customer experience (CX) strategies, leaning in to digital transformation so customers could self-drive transactions online with real-time responses. 

This boost in CX strategy has also increased access to customer data and analytics, providing an enhanced view of customers’ behaviors and actions throughout all touchpoints of the purchase journey, improving overall CX and delivery operations. 

Join this LinkedIn Live session as our experts explore the evolution of CX and how data and analytics are helping businesses understand their customers at higher levels than ever before.

What questions will the event answer for the participants?

  • How has CX evolved in the past few years?
  •  What does the current CX market look like?
  • How are leading organizations using analytics to improve the CX they deliver?

Meet the Presenters

Rickard David
Vice President
Everest Group
Lee Monstari
Lee Mostari
Director of Insights & Analytics
Davies Consulting

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