From Vision to Reality: Defining a Net Zero Pathway for Enterprises

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

The rapid transition to a net zero economy stands as the paramount concern of the decade to address the climate crisis 💫, demanding attention and action from government and enterprises.

However, enterprises are facing challenges on their net zero journeys, including limited financial and technical resources, a lack of clear guidelines and frameworks, and the complicated task of transforming their operations and supply chains.

📣 📣Join this LinkedIn Live session to hear our expert analysts discuss how enterprises can navigate complex regulatory frameworks, define a net zero pathway 🎢, and implement their sustainability strategy. We’ll examine the current net zero tech and services market and analyze trends and key drivers shaping demand-supply dynamics.

What questions will the event answer for participants?

✅What challenges do global 🌍 enterprises in various industries face on their net zero journeys?
✅What are the key demand themes in the market that sustainability leaders across the globe are following to accelerate their path to net zero?💹
✅What are the key trends shaping the net zero technology and services market?

Nitish Mittal
Babiche Veenendaal-Westerbrink
Arpita Dwivedi

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