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Harnessing Emerging Technology to Unleash Enterprise Cost Optimization

June 20, 2024
8:00 AM PT | 11 AM ET
Mayank Maria, Vice President, Everest Group will be joining an insightful webinar where the panel will explore how leading enterprises can successfully leverage technology for process and cost optimization in the pursuit of reduced costs, increased revenue, and optimized operations. 
  • Delve into the top enterprise priorities in 2024 and anticipated roadblocks, such as cost/margin pressures and evolving customer needs.
  • Understand the enterprise technology ecosystem, including AI/ML, Automation, and Process Intelligence tech, and how they drive optimization.
  • Explore the dynamics of technology adoption on process optimization across various industries and functions, highlighting benefits and challenges.
  • Outline the role of service providers in assisting enterprises by offering guidance on tech selection, implementation, and workforce training.
Mayank Maria
Vice President, Everest Group
Yuri Gubin
Chief Innovation Officer, DataArt

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