The bigger the challenge, the clearer our thinking

Clients engage us to help them think differently as they navigate transitions, disruptions, and transformations. We guide them with data, research, and insights to achieve superior business results.

Our difference

We are a research firm focused exclusively on IT, business process, and engineering services – that specialization results in a depth of expertise that our clients find invaluable when making critical, strategic decisions related to their use and delivery of sourcing services.

Clients use our services to guide their journeys to achieve heightened operational and financial performance, accelerated value delivery, and high-impact business outcomes. In other words, our research provides the solid foundation for decisions that have a multi-million-dollar impact.

Our depth and breadth of insights is unmatched, as is our flexibility, rigor, and quality. We provide the research insights clients want to bring into the boardroom with them.

Why clients choose Everest Group

Top-level impact

Everest Group is the brand that has influence in our boardroom.

– VP & Managing Director, Office of the Future of Work, leading global workforce solutions advisor and provider

Responsive and flexible approach

On behalf of the team, allow me to thank you for working so closely with us to help us understand your approach and how the conclusions were arrived at, and for seeking our input.

– Leader of Vendor Management Team, manufacturing firm

Passionate expertise

I was extremely impressed with the work – the team knocked it out of the park. Thanks for the excellent partnership.

– Head of Global Sourcing, Top 10 financial services firm

Fact-based perspectives

Everest Group is the #1 BPO research firm in the world, bar none. You take all the puzzle pieces – and it is a very puzzling and complex world we live in these days – and fit them all together for us.

– VP of External Partners COE, insurance firm

Bullet-proof recommendations

You exceeded our expectations. You really understood our context very quickly. It was clear that you went to a great level of granularity in your analysis. We liked how you provided quantitative supporting evidence to give us comfort in making the right decision. Really difficult to argue against. Great job.

– Supply Excellence Executive, Fortune 100 Equipment Manufacturer

Connected and influential

Is it too forward to tell you that after only a quick skim of this information, I want to cry tears of joy? Others told us they couldn’t get the information and to go away – this is incredibly valuable information to use with our executives.

– VP of Market Intelligence and Insights, technology company

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