Managing Today’s Disruptions for Future Growth: Conversational AI for Customer Care | Webinar

As businesses across industries adapt to the next normal, digital channels are becoming the preferred, or in some cases the only, way of providing customer support for products and services. While many contact centers are simply unable to handle the increased volume of requests and inquiries with their existing workforce and technologies, some enterprises are already rethinking what customer service stands for. Many are turning to sophisticated Digital Employees, also known as, Interactive Virtual Agents (IVA,) enabled with conversational AI and secure backend integrations to deliver customer service in a scalable and cost-efficient way, without jeopardizing quality.

On this webinar, Everest Group’s Skand Bhargava, a featured guest speaker, joins Jonathan Crane from IPSoft, who are the manufacturers of a market-leading digital employee, Amelia, to discuss how IVA and conversational AI can elevate contact center operations. Also joining them will be Gonzalo Gomez Cid from Telefónica who will be sharing his company’s experience in implementing conversational AI in contact centers.


May 28th, 2020, 10 AM ET


Skand Bhargava
Practice Director
Everest Group

Jonathan Crane
Chief Commercial Officer

Gonzalo Gomez Cid
Global Contact Center Director


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