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Our report types

State of the Market Reports

Each State of the Market Report offers a complete view of the market landscape, including growth trends, emerging solution models, and service provider developments, among others.  Our research applies insights from the past to forecast the future.

PEAK Matrix®

PEAK Matrix assessments provide the analysis and insights enterprises need to make critical selection decisions about service providers, locations, and products and solutions.

Providers of these services, products, and solutions also use these reports to gauge and calibrate their offerings against other providers.

Pinnacle Model®

By detailing what the best companies are doing, Pinnacle Model studies help enterprises determine the impact of their IT, business services, and shared services functions.  Results help enterprises define and customize their journeys from where they are to where they want to go.

Service Provider Compendiums

Service Provider Compendiums are comprehensive and fact-based snapshots of key service providers by market, including comparative analysis of market impact, vision, and capability, as well as detailed descriptions of each service provider’s offerings, clients, and geographic coverage.

Location Profiles

In these reports we spotlight established and emerging service delivery locations. The reports analyze key issues, including talent and skills availability, delivery depth and maturity, financial attractiveness, languages supported, risk profiles, and untapped opportunity.


These brief reports analyze the impact of leading edge topics and meaningful events, helping you to identify and take advantage of potential opportunities. We address next-gen technologies, new service delivery models, innovative talent practices, and more.


Our published research imparts clarity, conviction, and motivation. Contact us to learn more.

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The evolving nature of technology demands ecosystem involvement, and thus the role of orchestration of bus[...]

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Banking and Financial Services (BFS) firms are experienci[...]

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Webinar Deck: Outsourcing Pricing: Key Opportunities to Improve Costs Now

On May 28, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled "Outsourcing Pricing: Key Opportunities to Improve Costs Now." Whe[...]

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Digital Services State of the Market Report 2020 | Digital Transformation: Triumph Beyond Technology Adoption

In this era of digital existence, digital is no longer a tool for differentiation but a to[...]

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