Stakeholders are Optimistic of Easier Visa Rules Under Biden. The Big Question Now is, When? | In the News

The last few years have been unpredictable for overseas business travellers, techies and students in the US. Apart from dealing with delivery deadlines or a job hunt, these people also had to keep an eye out for abrupt changes to visa rules that could make their plans go awry. “You could be in the middle of a project and suddenly find out that rules have changed on how long you can stay or work in the US,” says a Noida-based professional who had travelled to the US on a H1B visa.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of research firm Everest Group, says the situation might not change that easily. “It is highly likely that the US is moving into a period where immigration of all types, particularly the highskill categories, is made much easier. The administration of the rules and laws (on visas, immigration) can change much faster but the rules themselves will take some time to roll back.”

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