Compact and Bijou: Shrinking IT Infrastructures | In the News

To manage the rapid changes taking place across the commercial landscape, adding more IT infrastructure has become the norm. However, in a post-cor world, reverting to a leaner IT infrastructure that’s better suited to the new normal of work has moved to the top of the IT agendas of many companies.

All IT infrastructures are changing: The next stage of development is what Wipro calls ‘hybrid compute fabric.’ For IT infrastructures, the company says, this means: “The computing fabric of the future is a distributed computing fabric that seamlessly stitches an enterprise’s core, edge, network and security elements into one operational construct.” This new approach to IT infrastructure is leaner and certainly more agile. Indeed, Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO, Everest Group, calls this “invisible infrastructure”, where IT is measured against business metrics and not just SLAs.

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