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Are you paying the right price for outsourcing services?

The economic uncertainty in the last year has left many enterprises wondering if they’re paying the right price for outsourced services and if providers are delivering services from locations globally with the right talent/cost equation.

Finding the price that fits your enterprise is a complex process. It’s highly unlikely to avoid price increase requests altogether, and doing so could negatively impact resource availability and service quality.

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Enterprises must learn how to identify a fair increase to avoid overpaying and ensure they get the right price and service levels and needs are uninterrupted. When determining their outsourcing services pricing, factors must be included, such as current market price ranges, skill sets required for the services, and finding the right locations and talent/cost ratio.

Get the latest pricing and locations insights to learn how to determine the best price for your enterprise – before you begin discussions.

Strategies to navigate outsourcing pricing

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Outsourcing services pricing and location insights for 2023

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Delivering Commercial Value in Outsourcing Contracts to APAC Clients in 2024

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