Warren Tsoi didn’t arrive at Everest Group in the usual way most people come into a new position: look for job, apply, and cross fingers. Before Everest Group, he worked as Head of Advisor and Analyst Relations for an outsourcing company in the UK – which just happened to be a client of Everest Group. Being on the client-side, he regularly engaged with Everest Group analysts and client directors as part of his job, and by building business relationships and friendships with the Everest Group team, he could see the value of the company and its employees.

When the time came that Warren decided to look into other opportunities, one of his Everest Group contacts reached out to see if he was interested in joining the firm as a Client Director. Taking the position would mean steering his career in a slightly different direction, but with his knowledge about the firm and the employees, Warren decided to take the jump.

“Overnight, my competitors became my customers, and my analyst peers became my competitors,” Warren said, “So there were some interesting conversations initially.”

Warren quickly felt at home in his new position at Everest Group, despite the growing pains of switching career paths. “I love working with and helping people, whether it’s building relationships and solving problems or collaborating with my co-workers. And the people at Everest Group genuinely want to see each other succeed,” he said.

A culture of teamwork and support

As Warren grew in his role, he had the continuous support of his peers and leadership. “My experience from day one working with my team, the analysts, and leadership has been amazing,” Warren said. “I’ve been able to grow because of the fantastic people I work with and the company’s willingness to invest in its people.”

Warren noticed right away that he could turn to anyone within the firm for help. “If you don’t understand something or if you’re not sure about something all you have to do is ask and people will help you,” he said.


He describes this culture of teamwork and spirit of collaboration as what makes Everest Group so distinctive as a company.

Everest Group’s desire to help was especially prevalent during the pandemic. When the months in 2020 were unpredictable, the company held a stead-fast people-first mindset. “We were able to achieve something amazing by being able to grow, and help our clients grow, despite the conditions because of the willingness to stand by one another,” said Warren.


Teamwork that delivers value to the client

Warren also noticed how this company-wide teamwork quality spills over into the way Everest Group engages with clients. “If we can make each other successful, the whole company will prosper. This is really the way we work with our clients as well – our goal is to serve them and help them achieve whatever their goals may be,” explains Warren. “And we truly care about the outcomes of our clients.”

When working with clients, Warren describes the process as a full partnership model. As a team, client directors and analysts together can rely on each other’s individual strengths, making them a force of information and resources. “Our ability to depend on each other ultimately becomes more valuable for the client because we can better meet their needs,” said Warren.

In one instance, Warren describes teaming up with a co-worker because there was a need to streamline access to and the reporting of data. Together, they developed a dashboard that made it easier to access client data, delivered better reporting, and helped them develop processes for improved efficiency. “I was able to see the need for the dashboard, but I couldn’t create it on my own. With the help and capabilities of my co-worker, we were able to not only improve as a team, but serve our clients more effectively,” said Warren.

A confident journey ahead

Six years have passed since Warren joined Everest Group, and he hasn’t looked back. “It’s been fantastic to be with a company that is evolving and growing so quickly and has such amazing people. I feel privileged to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever been around and to have made the friends I have,” Warren said.

Warren is still just as excited about the journey ahead at Everest Group as he was when he first started at the firm. “The company is building a really firm foundation, and how well we are doing today is really a testament to the people and the leadership,” he said.


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