Digital Transformation Strategy Development

Accelerate your digital transformation process

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How Do You Develop a Successful
Digital Transformation Strategy?

Everest Group’s digital transformation strategy development process supports your enterprise at the start of your journey in developing broad leadership agreement on the business objectives of your transformation effort. We work with you to create a market-informed action plan of short-term activities that will focus your efforts on the areas with the potential to create the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time

Most digital initiatives share a common set of challenges:


  • Lack of a shared vision
  • Ambiguous success metrics
  • Inadequate skill mix and/or knowledge base
  • Misaligned organization structure
  • Misaligned culture

Everest Group’s Digital Transformation Strategy Development

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Our Approach to Driving Transformation Delivers Results:

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Establish a clearly articulated vision

Many processes focus on technical requirements instead of the business requirements. Many consultants often come with the answers. We work with you to uncover the answer

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Agree upon desired future state

We combine demonstrated practices of similar strategies and the best thinking on how to execute along a disaggregated set of dimensions. We only focus on the dimensions that will impact success. We focus on characteristics to allow for a range of solutions to be considered

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Document the current state

We rapidly capture information about the current state along the dimensions identified as critical in the future state. Together, we assess the gap between the future and current states across a number of factors. Finally, we identify the challenges or risks that must be considered in the execution phase

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Assess the gap

We focus on the dimensions of the business that are critical to accomplishing the digital transformation; this saves times and keeps the team focused. With this targeted approach, we identify the gaps that must be bridged to achieve the desired future state (transformation vs. incremental improvement)

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Document and plan the journey

We get to results quickly; not everything has to be fully in place before impact can be achieved and observed. Sufficient guidance is given to the implementation teams on the problem statement to ensure success