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How We Serve IT Executives

In a digital-first world, executives responsible for IT have the challenge of shifting from enterprise utility function to enabler of one of the most significant business value shifts in modern history – IT-enabled business transformation. Unlike previous eras, transformation has no end state. Enterprises are on a journey to keep up with rapidly evolving business needs and technology solutions.

Everest Group provides support to IT and digital transformation executives who are leading efforts to use digital strategies to drive business value. Our market-informed and peer intelligence-based insights enable us to help our clients increase the success rate of their efforts and accelerate the realization on their substantive investments in digital transformation across the entire organization.

A Sampling of  Our Products for IT Executives

Digital Transformation Strategy Development

Our digital transformation strategy development process supports enterprises at the start of their journeys to develop leadership agreement on the transformation effort’s business objectives and create an informed action plan to focus efforts on the areas with the potential to create the greatest impact in the shortest time

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Digital Transformation Series | Pinnacle Assessments™

Successful digital transformation is a series of journeys encompassing business process, sales & delivery, culture, the IT delivery model, innovation, and your talent model. Our Pinnacle Assessments offer competitive insights to maximize the impact of your digital transformation strategy

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Joint Design Sourcing Strategy and Advisory

Our Joint Design Sourcing Strategy and Advisory approach is founded on two principles –   partnership and agile engagement – to support digital era requirements of a partnership-based model between enterprises and service providers, and an agile engagement approach throughout strategy development, proposal, transition, and implementation


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IT & Digital Transformation Membership

Helping IT leaders with practical insights and peer intelligence on technology and operating model issues to achieve success in their digital transformation journeys. Elevate the conversation beyond a set of technology decisions. Obtain a holistic, business-first understanding of the operating elements you need to succeed in the rapidly evolving world of information technology – through a combination of published reports, analytics, assessments, and on-demand interactions

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What is the Difference between Digital Transformation and a Digital Project?

When businesses use digital technologies, it does not mean that they are in the process of a digital transformation.  Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to drive a change in the business model.

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Multiple Journeys to Success

Digital Transformation Readiness

Your IT organization must be ready to reinvent the enterprise through digital technology that dramatically alters their customers’ experience as well as  their business processes. This requires, first, a reinvention of the IT organization itself.


Next-Gen Infrastructure

All enterprises hoping to compete in the digital transformation era have a common imperative: each must find and deploy the right infrastructure strategy even as they simultaneously leverage numerous transformational technologies.


RPA Adoption

Breaking out of the pilot phase is a critical milestone along the RPA journey. There are other advantages, some small, that when seized early can make a big difference today and create the foundation for even greater value in the future.


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