The AI LLM Assessment: An Evaluation of Generative AI Large Language Models

Large Language Models (LLMs) have revolutionized the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), driving remarkable achievements across diverse language-related tasks. However, the market is flooded with LLMs, ranging from proprietary off-the-shelf to open-source options. What’s missing is a single, consolidated source of detailed information on these models and a fair and practical framework to assess them.

To address this challenge, we have assessed the most popular LLMs available today so organizations can identify the best one for their needs. For this assessment, we have analyzed 13 popular proprietary and open-source LLMs to help enterprises and service providers across all industries and geographies compare and assess key LLM providers’ offerings.

AI LLM Assessment - An Evaluation of Generative AI Large Language Models

AI LLM Assessment An Evaluation of Generative AI Large Language Models 2x2 V1 crop scaled

Our assessment framework evaluates LLMs and rates them according to their ease of adoption and capabilities.

AI LLM Assessment - A Comparison of Large Language Models Across Assessment Dimensions

AI LLM Assessment An Evaluation of Generative AI Large Language Models 2x2 final crop scaled

Measures the basic ability of an LLM to generate effective outputs; measured through four subdimensions.

  • Features
    Distinctive attributes, such as number of parameters and tokens trained on, languages and modalities supported

  • Scalability
    Effort required to scale an LLM for more users

  • Quality of output
    The quality of content generated, including context understanding and reasoning abilities

  • Market perception
    Perception of an LLM and its usefulness in the market

Ease of adoption
This variable evaluates the factors that are crucial for enterprise adoption of an LLM through three subdimensions.

  • Risks
    Susceptibility to common gen AI risks such as data privacy and security, reliability, explainability, biases, and ownership
  • Average cost of usage
    Cost incurred by the user to use the LLM model
  • Market readiness
    Overall community developed for the LLM to aid users of the mode, including documentation, marketplace, and model availability in multiple modes


  1. This assessment is applicable as of August 2023
  2. Since Gen AI is a fast-evolving space, we expect quick changes in terms of availability, capabilities, and positions of LLMs on this matrix. Therefore, we plan to publish periodic updates to this assessment

Please reach out to our analyst team for further discussion on Generative AI: Anil Vijayan [email protected]; Nitish Mittal [email protected]; Vaibhav Bansal [email protected]; Vishal Gupta [email protected]; Priya Bhalla [email protected]; or Anish Nath [email protected].

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