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Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q3 2023

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

In today’s 2023 market, organizations are working hard to pivot and focus intensely on revenue generation. Whether or not you believe there’s a recession, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that companies are behaving as though there is one. Prophylactic cost-management measures have been rolled out across companies in order to be on solid ground should a recession emerge – which is, in reality, creating conditions similar to an actual recession. The common thinking seems to be “manage costs and drive revenue.” This shift coincides with more analyst relations (AR) teams having closer linkages with the sales and revenue generation teams at provider organizations. This, in turn, puts AR people in the position of linking the value of research to the desired outcomes of sales.

Everest Group’s consultative engagement approach has always been “business-need” centric, targeting the needs of sales and marketing stakeholders at provider organizations. We start with the premise that data that reflects actual on-the-ground realities leads to better insights and understanding, which can then help guide provider decisions around competitive positioning, buyer needs, partnering channels and strategies, go-to-market approaches, and better structured and priced proposals – all adding up to supporting higher win-rates.

I’m often asked how Everest Group engages with sales and marketing executives. The truth is that it’s a long answer that can best be described as starting with the strategy around market segments and extending through proposal review and bid support.

On November 30, you can join me and my colleagues on a LinkedIn Live dedicated to discussing how Everest Group supports sales and marketing teams through our memberships and bespoke projects. You’ll get a flavor of the discussion from the video below, where I introduce my colleague, Molly Norton, who works with many of our provider clients. Please watch the video and register for the event to join the conversation.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere – I truly hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Best Regards

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

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Talent Spotlight

Rohitashwa Aggarwal is a Partner in Everest Group’s Global Sourcing practice. In his role, he is focused on engagements and initiatives with global companies that focus on GBS / shared services centers. Rohitashwa works extensively with global organizations and GBS clients on their talent strategy, including global workforce planning, innovative talent acquisition and management practices, remote delivery models, and more.

You can learn more about Rohitashwa here, and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Positive Opportunities Within Sustainability

Keep an eye on our new sustainability-focused LinkedIn page, where we deliver valuable sustainability insights that businesses can leverage for their sustainability goals.


Featured Video

How Everest Group Supports Sales Teams Improve Outcomes

In this quick video, Katrina Menzigian, Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement, and Molly Norton, Global Client Director, chat about the increasing interest among provider organizations to partner with Everest Group to target specific sales objectives and challenges.


Everest Group’s Buyer’s Corner

Read how Everest Group helped an insurance provider access a Guidewire licensing agreement to achieve best-in-class terms and conditions across the industry and best-in-class commercial outcomes.



How AR Teams Use Research to Support Sales and Position for Competitiveness | LinkedIn Live

AR-focused Event | How Everest Group Guides Enterprises to Better Decisions | LinkedIn Live Discussion

The Pricing Index: Pivotal Themes and What to Expect in the Next Year | LinkedIn Live Discussion

From Hype to Reality: Maximizing Your Return with Intelligent Automation | Everest Group Participates in an Industry Event

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Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q2 2023

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

We’ve all been very intrigued and a little nervous about an emerging world shaped by ChatGPT and other Generative AI (GAI) technologies. These buzz topics have clearly made their entrance into our worlds – both professionally and personally. I’m not sure how this technology will shape the fundamentals of my life and work, but I do know that I’m interested in figuring out how to make it work for me in achieving what I want to accomplish. So these next few lines reflect my thinking on how AR professionals can potentially get some value from GAI for the things they have to get done. Some strategic in nature, some operational. Here goes:

  1. Automated data collection & analysis: AI can sift through an ocean of data – from analyst reports to social media chatter to RFI requirements
  2. Sentiment analysis: AI can gauge the tone of analysts’ writings about your companies, helping save time and attain clarity more quickly
  3. AI-powered relationship management: AI can help us track and monitor relationships with analysts, identifying patterns that can help you strengthen these vital connections
  4. Chatbots for quick response: With AI chatbots, you can ensure that some categories of inquiries are answered promptly, around the clock
  5. Customized content creation: AI can assist in crafting tailored content for analysts, by firm or topic area, boosting engagement
  6. Efficient briefings management: AI can streamline the management of analyst briefings, especially post-meeting follow-ups
  7. Effective internal communication: With AI, you can distribute crucial analyst insights swiftly and efficiently within your organizations
  8. And the most exciting – complete analyst RFI responses: By integrating various data sources and applications, you can conceivably use ChatGPT can to automate responses to analyst research RFI requests. Now wouldn’t that be nice!


While the core value of AR comes from the nuanced conversations and relationships we nurture on a 1-on-1 basis, the power of AI for AR may lie in its ability to free you from routine tasks so you can focus on strategic planning, relationship building, and how best to apply insights from research to help with creative problem-solving for your organization.

How do you see yourself harnessing this tech to make your life a little easier and more productive?

Best Regards,

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

From the CEO’s Office

In this video, Everest Group’s Katrina Menzigian, Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement, speaks with Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO, Everest Group, about GAI and what it could mean for businesses and why it’s the hottest topic in the industry. The speakers dive into the potential opportunities, the risks and how to manage those risks, and how GAI will be disruptive, but in a good way.


Everest Group’s Buyer’s Corner

Read how Everest Group supported this F100 company in transforming its strategic approach to existing and future IT Services (ITS) Outsourcing engagements by identifying opportunities for productivity and operational improvements.


Talent Spotlight

Mukesh Ranjan is a Vice President in the Information Technology Services team at Everest Group, leading research in the areas of enterprise digital transformation, cloud and traditional infrastructure, next-generation network infrastructure, digital workplace, and cybersecurity. In a recent conversation, Mukesh shared, “I aim to help clients solidify their critical decisions in the fast-changing cloud and infrastructure space. We work hard to share insights that are data-backed and well-researched.”

Mukesh is this edition’s Talent Spotlight and you can read more about him in his bio.


Analyst Relations Best Practices

Did you know you can view Everest Group’s RFI Agenda at any time? This listing of all forthcoming Everest Group RFIs can be found on our public Reports Portal. It’s a great one to bookmark to help your team better plan its workflow. The RFI Agenda is right on the landing page. You can see all the critical info, such as study title, status, RFI launch date, publication date, and links to previous reports. Check it out!


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Please take our poll to help us learn, “What’s the overall level of effort you associate with working with Everest Group?” In exchange for your participation in our poll, you will have the opportunity to pick one of three complimentary research documents.


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AR-focused Event: How Everest Group Guides Enterprises to Better Decisions | LinkedIn Live


AR-focused Event | How Everest Group Guides Enterprises to Better Decisions

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

Everest Group has been working with enterprises since its inception over 30 years ago. On a daily basis, our research teams engage enterprise clients of technology and business processes services, often in ways other research firms do not. Everest Group takes pride in our ability to provide nuanced and impactful guidance to enterprise stakeholders in a variety of roles, including procurement and sourcing, operations and delivery, technology and the CIO’s office, and customer experience leaders.

📢 In this LinkedIn Live our experts discussed how Everest Group helps shape the decisions enterprise clients make every day regarding their providers, the deals they undertake, and the solutions and technology they invest in.

What questions did the event address?

✅ What is the nature of the work Everest Group does with enterprise clients?
✅ What specific enterprise client challenges does Everest Group typically tackle?
✅ Which enterprise stakeholders does Everest Group engage?

Meet The Presenters

Arora Jimit B
Everest Group
Sharma Abhishek Refresh gray square
Everest Group
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement
Everest Group

Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q1 2023

I’m often asked about Everest Group’s work with large enterprises and buyer organizations. That’s why I am excited that we are focusing this issue of our newsletter on how we engage with these clients to help them navigate their most complex operational and global services challenges. Whether for pricing assurance, locations strategies, sourcing and vendor management, technology selection, customer experience, or talent management, our team of seasoned analysts combine their expertise with innovative research methodologies to provide deep insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in these areas. We work with clients on these topics through our custom projects as well as our annual memberships.

For example, our Pricing Assurance practice regularly works with enterprises on strategic engagement reviews and proposal reviews that provide holistic assessments of existing contracts or sole-sourced proposals. These reviews cover pricing, performance, contract terms, delivery metrics, and transformation agendas and set the stage for meaningful negotiations.

Similarly, our Global Business Services team works with global enterprises to ensure the optimization of in-house delivery operations. From technology investments to talent strategies and delivery location choices to business continuity, our research team has been tracking and advising in this space for over 15 years.

You’ll learn more about these membership areas and others, such as vendor management, Outsourcing Excellence, IT Talent, and CX Excellence. I encourage you to read on and ask questions – there’s a lot to unpack!

Best Regards,

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

From the CEO’s Office

Everest Group’s CEO, Peter Bendor-Samuel, joined our Analyst Relations webinar on January 12, 2023, and offered his sentiments on how we work with the AR community.


Buyer’s Corner

Everest Group launched its Pricing Assurance suite of offerings almost 15 years ago in response to inquiries from large enterprise clients. As market needs have evolved, so have our guidance. One of our most sought-after capabilities is our Strategic Engagement Reviews and Proposal Reviews. This work involves conducting a holistic bespoke review of either an existing contract or an upcoming proposal. The review covers pricing, but also performance, solution elements, contract terms, delivery metrics, and the transformation agenda. The intent is to provide enterprises with a current and calibrated view of their engagements that can inform their own planning decisions and next steps.


Talent Spotlight

One of the key leaders on the team is Achint Arora, Pricing Assurance Partner, who says, “I’m passionate about helping clients get the best value for the services they need and want.” Achint is featured as our Talent Spotlight and you can read more about him here.


Analyst Relations Best Practices

How AR Can Drive Value and Influence Outcomes for Internal Stakeholders 1 1024x536 1

During our January 12 webinar, Key Themes to Help Analyst Relations Teams Navigate 2023 – An AR Professional Exclusive Webinar, we discussed how AR teams can better drive value and influence outcomes in the context of the key themes our research teams believe will shape 2023. We shared the above Analyst Relations Best Practices during the webinar that day, but you can view the full webinar here.


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Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q4 2022

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

As we wrap up 2022 and try to get ahead of the curve for 2023, we’re all thinking about what’s to come. And Analyst Relations teams are often in the hot seat of helping their internal stakeholders navigate the strategic decisions for the year ahead. In this issue and for upcoming events, I’ll focus on offering you Everest Group insights and information that will help you and your AR team be ready to respond to those questions.

The first event is our live webinar on Tuesday, December 13, Key Issues 2023: Rise Above Economic Uncertainty and Succeed. Our research leaders will explain why 2023 will see a divergence between the direction of GDP and spending on IT-BPS Services. They will highlight the expected bright spots for our markets and how to position to capitalize on those opportunities. The presentation will include findings from our Key Issues 2023 Survey, helping you hone in on what enterprises are thinking about. Sign up here and join the discussion, including the live Q&A.

Next, on January 12, will be our webinar, Key Themes to Help Analyst Relations Teams Navigate 2023 | An AR-professional Exclusive Webinar. I’ll join colleagues and Everest Group Partners Abhishek Singh and Manu Aggarwal to discuss how AR teams can create meaningful impact for your organizations, given our 2023 predictions and all that’s to come. We’ll also look at which areas of AR investment stand to deliver value, and which should be avoided. Please register here.

As in every quarter, please see below for our Talent Spotlight, recently published thought leadership, our newest PEAK Matrix® Assessments, and a sneak peek at some of the findings to be shared in the Key Issues 2023 webinar.

Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling holiday season!

Best Regards,

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

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Talent Spotlight

Hrishi Raj Agarwalla is a Practice Director in Everest Group’s Global Sourcing team. In this role, he assists clients with global services delivery locations and workforce strategy. Hrishi has rich experience across projects covering location selection, delivery portfolio optimization, cost/talent benchmarking, and sourcing strategy. In addition, Hrishi also manages Everest Group’s Market Vista™ membership offering, which includes a suite of quarterly and annual reports that capture the key developments across multiple aspects of the global services industry.


Prashant ShuklaVice President at Everest Group, leads the Financial Research practice, which includes its Executive Insights™ program for CXOs within IT and business process service provider organizations. In addition, Prashant leads the firm’s proprietary financial analysis of service providers, which provides the foundation for many external and internal research activities and deliverables.


Featured Video

Addressing Global Uncertainty Across Major Economies Related to Pandemic, Recession | 1 of 3

In the first of this three-part video series, watch as Everest Group’s Prashant Shukla, Vice President, Akash Verma, Practice Director, and Mansi Mehta, Analyst, discuss the current uncertainty in business across the major economies of the world. Hear our latest insights on this topic and our methodology to track recent economic trends.


Stay in the Know

Key Issues for 2023: Rise Above Economic Uncertainty and Succeed | Webinar Join Everest Group’s Key Issues 2023 webinar as our experts provide insights into the outlook of the global IT-BP industry and discuss major concerns, expectations, and key trends expected to amplify in 2023.


Key Themes to Help Analyst Relations Teams Navigate 2023 | Webinar

This webinar will prepare AR professionals to influence the thinking of their internal stakeholders on the key trends, dynamics, and likely scenarios to expect in the coming year.


In the News

Leveling Up. Hiring in IT Services Sector Slows after Two-year Record High | In the News

Nitish Mittal, Partner at Everest Group, believes that the market for IT services will decelerate from 10.4% organic constant currency growth in FY22 to 6.7% in FY23 (March ending).


How IT Leaders Can Manage Costs during Inflation and Develop Better Outsourcing Partnerships | In the News

Amy Fong, Partner at Everest Group, says that industry stakeholders can only lower outsourcing costs by appreciating the concern’s existence and developing appropriate strategies to improve flexibility in industrial operations.


How Will the Metaverse Affect the Future of Work? | In the News

The broader adoption of metaverse platforms could increase employee engagement irrespective of where they are. “This will help savvy enterprises attract needed talent without worrying about the physical offices,” said Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group.


IT-BPM Industry Drives Economic Growth | In the News

Quoting from an in-depth study done by Everest Group on the next six years of the BPO (business process outsourcing) sector, IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) President Jack Madrid gave an optimistic forecast that their industry can grow by 8% annually in the next six years, growing in total revenue from US$29.5 billion in 2021 to almost US$60 billion by 2028.


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Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q3 2022

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

Growing up in a family of engineers, I had a first-hand view of how problems can be framed and solved – whether for professional endeavors or planning a home renovation project. Although I was the lone non-engineer, I developed an appreciation for how engineering shapes the world at the most fundamental levels. This is especially true today. The engineering services market has seen strong growth in demand as enterprises seek to incorporate numerous forms of innovation into how they run their businesses and create differentiation in the marketplace. Whether medical devices and personal medicine, IoT, digitization, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, or sustainability – take your pick – engineering services are needed to knit these individual technical capabilities into the reality of how we live and work. Engineering services are directly shaping how organizations recruit talent, design products, and support customers.

Everest Group began following the engineering services space some years ago. Over time our coverage has expanded in terms of topics covered and depth of analysis to include automotive, semiconductors, aerospace and defense, telecom, media and entertainment, medical devices, software, and Industry 4.0.

In this quarter’s issue of our Analyst Relations Newsletter, we share highlights from our engineering services portfolio and introduce you to our lead thinkers on the topic. You’ll learn how we’ve worked with both providers and enterprises to help them develop, execute, and manage their respective engineering services programs through our research portfolio and our custom engagements. I hope you have a smooth transition from the playful summer months to the more focused months of the coming fall.

Best regards:

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

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Case #1: How Everest Group advised a leading engineering services provider on growth strategy in the embedded engineering market

Case #2: Everest Group supports a leading global engineering services provider in accelerating growth within key accounts

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Talent Spotlight

Akshat Vaid, Vice President at Everest Group, leads engineering services research and advisory across industry verticals and service segments. He assists global enterprises on a variety of initiatives across engineering, technology, outsourcing, and ecosystem engagement and works with global engineering service providers on business growth strategy, competitiveness, and differentiation.


Featured Video

Low-code Capabilities and the Best Low-code Platforms

In this video, our analysts discuss the recent Low-code Application Development Platforms PEAK Matrix® assessment examining the best low-code platforms and providers in the market, including their low-code capabilities, the different categories of low-code platforms that exist, the growth of the low-code market, pricing, and why successful adoption depends on selecting the right providers.

Stay in the Know

Building Successful Digital Product Engineering Businesses | On-demand Webinar

Join us as our experts deliver a deep understanding of the digital product engineering market, the trends impacting this space, and potential avenues and opportunities that leaders should examine.


What’s Ahead After a Decade of Digital Transformation? | Webinar

Join this webinar as our analysts share perspectives on what’s in store for the digital transformation industry and provide recommendations and best practices on how to keep pace with exponential technologies such as web 3.0, metaverse, and quantum computing.


In the News

How Insurers Can Retain Skilled IT Talent with Workload Automation and Orchestration | In the News

According to Ronak Doshi, VP at Everest Group, only 4% of millennials are interested in working in insurance technology roles because they perceive the industry as slow to adopt innovative technologies.


CCAP Optimistic of IT-BPM Job, Revenue Growth | In the News

CCAP cited data from global research firm Everest Group that showed the local IT-BPM industry’s headcount grew by up to 10% last year to over 120,000 jobs—its strongest since 2016.


Surprise! The Metaverse Is Going to Suck for Privacy | In the News

“Advanced technologies, especially in VR headsets and smart glasses, will track behavioral and biometric information at a record scale,” explains Everest Group in its recent report: Taming the Hydra: Trust and Safety in the Metaverse.


Indian IT Firms Cut Staff Bonuses as US, European Clients Tighten Budgets | In the News

“There’s growing conviction in businesses that we need to prepare for a (global) recession,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group. “The first thing they do is try to eliminate discretionary spending. It is early, but starting to happen.”


PEAK Matrix ® | Recent Releases

Industry 4.0 Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022: Unleashing the Era of Phygital Manufacturing

Customer Experience Management (CXM) in EMEA – Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment with Technology Vendor Landscape 2022

Employee Experience Management (EXM) Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment

Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q2 2022

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

Do you find yourself asking the question, “what’s it all about?” I do. I don’t think I’m the only one, but the experiences of these past couple of years have at times led me to a reflective state of mind. In so many ways, we have had to think about how we as individuals fit into our society and the greater world. Paradigms about our views of health, success, environment, and even major systems like our social and political order, have all come into question. More often, our discussions and thoughts are less about “me” and more about “we.”

In our sphere of IT and business services and products, perhaps it’s this reflection that has fueled a more intentional look at how we’re building our businesses and looking at how 2 + 2 can possibly equal more than four. Can we really be profitable and “do good” at the same time? Short answer – Yes! At Everest Group, we have doubled down to more intentionally build out a body of work that deeply explores and examines the uber-big topic of sustainability. This has involved developing frameworks for describing purpose-driven businesses, conducting primary research to show what is actually happening on the ground, identifying growing business opportunities, and engaging in meaningful conversations with those taking the lead on sustainability.

Explore this issue of our Analyst Relations Newsletter to learn what Everest Group has been doing in impact sourcing, sustainable technology, sustainability in financial services, and many other areas.

Best regards –

Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

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What’s in a Name – Defining Our Journey toward Sustainability 4.0 | Blog

How ESG Fits into the Business Services Industry, with Everest Group | Podcast

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Explore our recent custom research

Client Success Story #1: A leading global service provider engaged Everest Group to conduct a deep-dive study and workshop on the current competitive landscape for sustainability technology enablement services in the European market.

Client Success Story #2: Everest Group’s Amy Fong and Rita Soni spoke at SIG’s 2022 Procurement Technology Summit on April 5, 2022, on the topic of “ESG in Services: What Sourcing Teams Must Know to Do More.”

Talent Spotlight

Rita N. Soni, Principal Analyst, Impact Sourcing and Sustainability Research at Everest Group, is providing overarching insight and framing of environment, social, and governance (ESG) efforts across practice areas, with a special focus on inclusive talent strategies, including impact sourcing. She assists clients on a wide array of topics across the ESG landscape.


Featured Video

Impact Sourcing in Action | #EGresponsible Series

Watch the most recent video in our #EGresponsible series as Everest Group’s Anurag Sharma and Dhiraj Dolwani, CEO of impact sourcing company B2R Technologies, share how their business relationship came to fruition, evolved, and overcame challenges.

Watch All Videos in this Series

Stay in the Know

Profits with Purpose – Is It a Balancing Act or Are There Business Cases? | LinkedIn Live

Join this LinkedIn Live event as our experts present compelling business cases for sustainability and reveal key takeaways from our inaugural Sustainability Enablement Technology Services PEAK Matrix® Report, which details ways that providers are helping enterprises realize their sustainability goals.


Why Technology is the Key to Enabling Sustainability | On-demand Webinar

Watch this webinar as our experts discuss current sustainability enablement technology services market trends and provide insights on how the market is shaping out.


In the News

South Korea Is Betting on the Metaverse — And It Could Provide a Blueprint for Others | In the News

Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group, says, “It’s interesting, it’s predominantly a private sector and Big Tech-driven initiative and trend. Governments have not done much beyond South Korea.”


KPMG Plans 3,500 UK Hires as Big Four Accountancy Firms Grow Their Tech Focus | In the News

The Products launch by KPMG brings it into line with other services being offered by rival businesses, says Nitish Mittal, Partner at Everest Group.


Is Africa the New Global Talent Pool? | In the News

Parul Jain, Practice Director at Everest Group, states that Africa possesses the potential to fill up the talent gap.


7 Hot IT Outsourcing Trends — and 7 Going Cold | In the News

“A price rise – if not across the board, for majority of workloads – is in the cards,” says Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group.


PEAK Matrix ® | Recent Releases

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 – Global and EMEA

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) – Technology Provider Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Employee Experience Management (EXM) Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment

Analyst Relations Quarterly Newsletter | Q1 2022

Dear Analyst Relations colleagues –

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2022, and two years since the start of the COVID pandemic, it feels like the right time to pause to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. In this spirit, we’re making some changes here at Everest Group as well. I am happy to say that I have rejoined Everest Group in the newly created role of Vice President of Analyst Relations Engagement! As part of this new role, authorship of the quarterly Analyst Relations Newsletter will pass from Elizabeth Boudrie to me. I have to thank Elizabeth for being such a good steward of this quarterly newsletter and for setting me up for success right from the start!

In my new role as VP, Analyst Relations Engagement, I will focus on bringing an institutional lens to how our firm interacts with and supports the analyst relations professionals in our industry. My role is in addition to the relationships you may already have with our analysts and Client Directors – we’re all working together as a team. My role is to learn about AR professionals’ priorities and experiences and to integrate that perspective into Everest Group’s offerings, processes, and investments. As someone with over 20 years of background as an analyst and a deep familiarity with Everest Group, I hope to bring a unique nuance to our conversations. Thanks to all who have already shared with me their thoughts, and I look forward to speaking with many of you in the coming months. I’m available when you are!

Each of our newsletters focuses on a theme, and this issue is no exception. The dramatic events taking place in Ukraine have us all thinking about the impact to service delivery from locations around the region and the world more broadly. Perhaps no other research firm has the breadth and depth of readily available locations research. Not only do we have data about the facts on the ground, but we have the expertise to provide analysis and perspective on the impact of events as they unfold. Additionally, Everest Group’s Europe-based team offers nuanced perspectives only possible when you’re on the ground closer to developments.

In this issue, we highlight some of the thought pieces, roundtables, webinars, and assessments we’ve already published on the topic, but also those that are forthcoming. Our Global Locations team will continue to follow developments closely and will offer valuable insights to our clients on managing their global delivery centers and their sourcing relationships from various perspectives, including talent, security, and pricing, among other things.

Best regards –
Katrina Menzigian
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement

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Special Coverage: Ukraine-Russia Crisis

In response to the unfolding events in Ukraine, we have created a resource center where you’ll find our consolidated coverage of this evolving situation.

We begin with comments from our CEO, Peter Bendor-Samuel.

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Talent Spotlight

Prashray Kala, Vice President at Everest Group, leads the delivery location portfolio advisory practice and assists clients with global sourcing strategies, location decisions, and talent strategy design. He also leads a practice focused on country and industry associations helping create country-level strategies for the IT-BPO industry and designing enablers for further growth of the industry. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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