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Sourcing Experts

Strategic Sourcing VP. Head of Indirect Procurement. Outsourcing Category Director, Director of Service Provider Governance. Chief Procurement Director. Executive Director, Global Sourcing Office. VP of Technology Sourcing & Vendor Management. The title may vary, but your responsibilities remain consistently significant and complex

Everest Group’s insights and analysis keep you a step ahead. Our research informs your recommendations about the newest technologies, global talent, and ways to optimize your contracts and provider relationships. It’s the knowledge you need as the sourcing expert within your team and company

Some of the questions we help you answer:
  • What are the best global locations for digital talent?
  • How do we rapidly implement new technologies?
  • What metrics should I manage against in a world that is increasingly digitizing?
  • How do I collaborate with my service provider(s) to drive innovation?
  • How do I negotiate the lowest price with my provider? And how do I use benchmarking to optimize service and price?
  • How will new geopolitical policies impact my sourcing strategy?
  • How can I balance my sourcing portfolio to mitigate risk? When and why should I consider bringing work back onshore or in house?
  • What are the latest best practices for service provider management and governance?
  • How do I develop best-in-class SLAs?
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Strategic Sourcing Resources

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Free, continually updated references

Market Insights™ | Concise, easily accessible infographics of our full spectrum of research

PEAK Matrix™ Heatmap & Outsourcing Handbooks | The industry’s only comprehensive compilation of analysis and insights about providers, locations, and products & solutions within different market segments

PEAK Matrix™ Previews | A glimpse into the findings of our detailed analyses of 50+ market segments each year. Includes the full matrix and scores by dimension

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Highlighted memberships

Locations Insider™  | Delivers detailed  information, analysis, and perspectives on 1) function-specific growth opportunities in regions; 2) topical themes in location strategy and management,;3) opportunities in “next-wave” locations; and 4) annual updates of locations activity, risks, and companies’ perceptions and plans for locations.

Service Optimization Technologies | Analyzes service optimization technologies. Technologies covered include those that have the potential to significantly enhance or augment services and/or disrupt the market. Examples include Service Delivery Automation (SDA), including robotic and smart process automation, as well as other technologies, such as analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT)

PricePoint™  | Includes a quarterly compendium of ITO and BPO pricing trends. This comprehensive report draws on Everest Group’s first-hand information and insights garnered on “live” pricing advisory engagements, analyst briefings, and direct market conversations, as well as proprietary cost and transaction tracking tools

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Highlighted webinar

Q2 2018 Market Vista™ Briefing: Global Services Market Trends – Will the First Quarter Set the Stage?

In this fast-paced 45-minute webinar, Everest Group experts will summarize and explain the most impactful events in the global services industry thus far in 2018 and look forward to how these events will shape the rest of the year. While the first quarter typically sets the stage for the full year, will 2018 be any different? There is recovery in traditional services, whereas some segments continue to stagnate. We’re also seeing preference towards in-house delivery model in many enterprises, with small and mid-sized firms also driving setup activity.

Who should attend?
Executives planning their next global services move and needing to understand the latest key developments across the offshoring and outsourcing market.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 | 9 a.m. CDT, 10 a.m. EDT, 3 p.m. BST, 7:30 p.m. IST