Pricing research to ensure your competitiveness in the market

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The Value of Our Pricing Research

Every shift in outsourcing strategy – automation/technology leverage, location, delivery model, solution dynamics – impacts pricing. From price benchmarks to strategic reviews of your engagement, the impacts of next-generation delivery models on pricing, to proposal and contract insights, we can help you on all your pricing challenges

Custom Price and Performance Benchmarking

We assist clients in custom price benchmarking for services with multiple forms of benchmarking, from input-based to output-based to the surrounding pricing model, operational metrics, and contract. And we do this across IT infrastructure, applications development & maintenance, contact center, transactional processes, judgment-based processes and specialized skills



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Price Benchmark Catalog

An off-the-shelf roster of the most contemporary roles and resource unit price benchmarks based on live deals in the last 12-18 months. It covers benchmarks for all major IT and BPO functions across 30+ onshore, nearshore and offshore locations. The benchmark catalog is refreshed bi-annually and coupled with on-call SME hours to respond to queries or guidance needs arising from time to time.



Strategic Engagement Review

Although pricing is important, the true value of a global services engagement comes from a well calibrated solution, best-in-class performance measures, equitable contract terms, and robust governance and pricing models. We can help you align all these dimensions, and associated interdependencies, to craft an equitable contractual relationship





global services reports and research from Everest Group

Service Provider Pursuit Support

The IT and business services market is rapidly evolving. To improve success rates in competitive situations, it is critical for service providers to regularly assess their solutions, pricing, contracting effectiveness and differentiation. Additionally, having a preemptive winning stance increases renewal rates. Everest Group equips service providers with best-in-class metrics and competitive intelligence to retain and grow their customer base



global services reports and research from Everest Group

Published Reports

Our PricePoint™ membership includes a quarterly compendium of ITO and BPO pricing trends. This comprehensive report draws on Everest Group’s first-hand information and insights garnered on “live” pricing advisory engagements, analyst briefings, and direct market conversations, as well as proprietary cost and transaction tracking tools






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Price Benchmarking On-Demand

Our Price Benchmarking On-Demand service provides  comparative pricing data and rate card data by job role and location, across functions such as Applications Services, Systems Integration and Professional Services, and up to 19 job roles from Junior Developer to Data Integration Architect. The data is drawn from Everest Group’s comprehensive live-deal benchmarking database, adjusted for Tier 1, 2 and 3 locations in up to 30 countries across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia



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