As children develop, parents are told to enjoy each of their phases because they change so fast. In one minute, you have a baby who refuses to sleep but is easy to keep your eye on, and in a flash, they are sleeping through the night but running through every open door. All parents can do is remain flexible and move fluidly with the changes as they come, continue to learn, and enjoy the process. For Sakshi Garg, this is true in parenting, her career, and life changes — including moving over 7,000 miles with her husband. Yet, through the years and miles, there is a theme that remains steadfast, and that is her employment at Everest Group.

A budding career and family

Sakshi began her career at Everest Group as a Senior Analyst on the research team in 2011 in the India office. In 2013, she and her husband embarked on a huge life change that would ultimately shape their future. Her husband got a new job in the U.S., and they were also about to welcome a new baby girl. To keep Sakshi on as an employee and to support her move, Everest Group moved her to Boston, MA to help strengthen client relationships in North America.

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The people and culture of Everest Group

When her daughter was born, she took maternity leave; however, she struggled to grasp how she would be able to return to work without any kind of a support system.

Once her maternity leave was over, Sakshi’s manager at the time encouraged her to slowly acclimate back into the work environment by giving her the option to work part-time, as long as she needed, while she searched for a caregiver for her daughter. Also, she was given the flexibility to choose projects that allowed her to keep her personal commitments.  “When you are a first-time mom, you think that this is how it’s going to be forever, and it was very hard to see where work would fit in,” she said.

With the organization’s support, Sakshi took the time she needed to adjust to having a new baby at home and moving to a new country away from her family. Over time, she found a caregiver, and soon she and her baby figured out a routine where she could be a mom and a professional. “I learned that this organization really supports working mothers, and it focuses on investing in the growth of the people,” she explained.

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Growth and opportunity

Today, Sakshi is a Vice President in Everest Group’s research practice. On March 7 she celebrated her ten-year anniversary at Everest Group. During her tenure at the firm, her role has evolved to one of wearing multiple hats. Sakshi is an analyst in the global sourcing practice, and she also spearheads various initiatives, works across multiple departments, and often serves as a process expert on issues that impact the business. There are times when she’s involved with a marketing campaign and needs to understand how the leads are processed and what happens next in the sales cycle, and others in which she is working with stakeholders on developing brand new business initiatives or coming up with fresh ideas.

“It’s a great advantage that I get to work across departments with a variety of people throughout the organization and take the lead on projects,” said Sakshi. “It is very enriching and satisfying.”

Over the years, she has sustained great relationships with clients and enjoys supporting them. She has revitalized programs such as the Global Business Services / Shared Services membership and helped launch new programs, such as the Pinnacle Model® Assessment.

“I’ve been given the opportunity to be part of a lot of change within the organization and earn trust from my leaders,” she said.

What’s next?

Everest Group’s depth and breadth continue to expand, which is adding more complexity but also more opportunity. Looking forward, Sakshi is enthusiastic about the future of Everest Group. “Our pace of growth, the market’s embrace, and the reputation that we continue to build is stronger than ever, and it’s very exciting,” she said.

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