What is the prevailing GBS operating model organizational structure?

GBS Architectures – Beliefs, Blueprints, and Boundaries

Everest Group and Sourcing Change are investing in a foundational analysis to identify:

  • Enterprise context in which GBS operates
  • Dominant organizational models and their evolution over time
  • Critical “make it happen” capabilities that drive success

Participate in this first-of-a-kind research and receive a summary of the study findings. Participation will entail a 45-60 minute call to better understand your GBS model, including but not limited to such factors as:

  • GBS model evolution
  • Scope of work
  • Current GBS organization structure and footprint
  • Reporting lines

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Why should you participate?
GBS organizational models are in constant flux. As economic and geopolitical pressures increase, we are seeing pressure on GBS leaders to evolve their operations. Having reference data on prevailing GBS architectures across industries will help you make more informed decisions and compare yourselves to your peers.
By agreeing to participate, you will receive a summary of the research findings. Note that all information you share with us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and we will publish only aggregated, anonymized findings without attribution to a specific individual or a company.

How can we engage?

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