The AWS Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024

Enterprises are seeking specialist providers with deep AWS expertise – including niche and agile providers that can deliver customer-centric, targeted, and cost-effective solutioning – to help them achieve business goals.

These specialists are increasingly becoming integral to major cloud deals involving other technology vendors and GSIs due to their unique value proposition and focused expertise on specific AWS areas – making them the preferred partners for certain services within enterprises.

This inaugural PEAK Matrix® assessment aims to thoroughly analyze the rapidly growing and significant space of AWS services specialist providers.

The assessment helps cloud enterprise clients see a clear view of AWS specialists’ capabilities and market impact, and participating service providers can stand out from a sea of large-scale providers in the AWS landscape, allowing them to present a comparative view of their capabilities and gain significant visibility across the enterprise community.

To check your eligibility for the assessment, participate in the qualification exercise for the AWS Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024.

What is a PEAK Matrix® Assessment?

PEAK Matrix® assessments are Everest Group’s service to our enterprise clients. We aim to include the most relevant players to help our clients make informed sourcing decisions based on the true and complete picture of the supplier space.

Vendors leverage these assessments to market their capabilities to enterprises and their clients. In addition to being a marketing tool, participants featured on the specialized PEAK Matrix assessment receive enhanced visibility and are viewed with trust in the marketplace.

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